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Opinions of Sunday, 26 September 2010

Columnist: Keyeke, Kofi

Has Kwaa Atta Got His Safety Boots Ready?




BY: Kofi Keyeke.
It sounded so funny reading that news item which was reported by Joy F.M. that the president has warned the NPP that his dying party the NDC will match the NPP boot for boot come December 2012 general elections.
After reading this news item the only question that came into mind was has the president got his safety boots that he will wear to match the NPP boot for boot ready? If yes then he should learn how to wear and walk in it so that he should not stumble and fall dead onto the ground.
But if he has not got it yet then he should start thinking about which safety boot to wear for him to be able to match the NPP boot for boot as he has been bragging around.
The tax professor is known to be very good in talking “blah, blah, blah’ but when it comes to real action he is soft thereby the contemplation that he can really match the NPP this time boot for boot. Or he learnt that his party was trashed heavenly so he has to say something to keep members away from shaking?
Whichever way, the writings are clearly depicting on the wall and the NDC needs to be careful by working hard to sustain their hold onto power otherwise the events of the upcoming general elections in 2012 will roll away like a movie being shown at a popular theatre to their surprise and dismay.
Is president Atta Mills telling all and sundry that he is going to win a second term mandate from Ghanaians where the same electorates are complaining of economic hardship under his leadership? Does it mean that Ghanaians are just complaining and will not make amends by changing their choice next time?
May be president Atta Mills has received a true report about how his foot soldiers this time not locking public officials, seizing toilets but managed to beat innocent NPP sympathizers, intimidated the electorates and visited mayhem in the whole Atiwa constituency during the by-election on Tuesday August 31, 2010 and know that he can rely on them to force his way out and come out victorious.
Other than that, it will beat anyone’s imagination that he is going to win the next election looking at the way the whole “ecomini’’ eh sorry economy of the country is being run where many people are shouting “ekom deyen oo ton” then they will go and vote for him again.
Possibly Kwaa Atta has been day dreaming following the wrong assurances his belly dancers have been giving him that all is well whiles they go behind him and create the mess for his image to be tarnished which all goes to influence the thinking of the people that another positive change is a must come 2012 elections.
“We shall defeat the NPP in 2012 elections” easy to say by the tax professor. But has he forgotten that people are not able to pay their utility bills, children school fees, suffering from hunger, accommodation and employment which are going to be the yardstick for them to use to measure his performance and decide on whether to give him another term or not?
He has not finished his second year in office as the president of the land, but he is talking about winning the next election which is going to be held in two years from now. That sounds strange isn’t it?
Workers are complaining of poor salaries, students are complaining of high school fees, the entire country is crying of energy crisis, the electorates are not happy about the way the party in power has been creating fear and panic in the system by threatening to change judges in the law courts and replace them with those who will rule on cases only to favour them.
The clergy are said to be non political but now finding their feet in public sector where they voice out the sufferings of their flock by telling how the government has failed in delivering on its promises made to the people, traditionalists have started to predict doom for his party saying it will lose in the next election.
Another powerful body, Volta Regional House of Chiefs also coming out with complaints that the government has neglected them in terms of initiating development projects in the country.
Maybe he has forgotten that he has to present himself to the whole delegates of the NDC to either again elect him or reject him at congress before he can be sure of his chances in 2012 elections. Here the biggest trouble is because the founder has been at logger heads with him only that he has interest in another person he want to be the NDC next presidential candidate.
President Atta Mills has forgotten that his health status has changed from the time he embarked on his door to door campaign two years ago and that his walking shoes now needs to be changed into synthetic running boots because the 2012 campaign is going to be hard and very competitive one.
There is a bigger doubt that Kwaa Atta can really rally around the whole country to canvass for votes come the election year. Looking at him on T.V. speaks volumes about how strong he is and will be for the next election.
Anyway, he has given early signals to the NPP gurus but if he really mean matching the strongest opposition party boot for boot, some one should advice him to go looking for a hard metal safety boot that he will wear for that purpose come 2012 because the NPP has also already started lacing its metal boots for that purpose as they have sworn heaven and earth to wrest power from him.