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Opinions of Sunday, 15 March 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Has Kumawuhemaa Gone Into Hiding?

Kumawuhemaa has for sometime now not been seen in public. However, she has not retreated into her lair to hibernate, but proceeded on a secret health-finding mission. "The evil that men do lives after them". Most of the problems, if not all, that Kumawuman, especially Kumawu, is facing, are caused principally by Kumawuhemaa. She has not only been extremely disrespectful to the people of Kumawuman, but also, aided his demised brother, Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II, the Omanhene of Kumawu, to squander every pesewa that came into the Kumawu Traditional Council's coffers.

She has been going around telling people that the totality of the wealth of Kumawuman emanating from the stool lands in any form or shape belongs to her and her children only. She even does not regard part of her own Ankaase "royal" family as beneficiaries of any money coming from the stool lands. This explains why she has assiduously been colluding with like-minded crooks to exploit Kumawuman to the hilt.

Before proceeding any further, I would like to state categorically without fear or favour, and for the sake of truthful narration of history for the benefit of posterity, that the Kumawu Ankaase "royal" family members are WITHOUT any matrilineal or patrilineal lineage to Barimah Tweneboah Koduah I, the originator of the Kumawu Koduah Stool. Even though I stand to champion unity amongst families in Kumawuman, seek the prosperity of the area through governmental, traditional and private interventions that should not in anyway hold me back from stating the truth at all time.

Kumawuhemaa has been resorting to all devilish means to usurp the powers of God Almighty. She has persistently been trying to arrogate the glory of God to herself and the praise due God to her fetishes and that young Kumawu Zongo boy (the chief juju man for both herself and Dr Yaw Sarfo – "Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah").

How often have I not divulged to the public in my publications that God Almighty Father has Himself appointed someone in the person of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V to serve Kumawuman people, but in the capacity of their traditional ruler or leader? Nonetheless, she has been resisting God by conniving and condoning with Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asanteman Council, DCOP Nathan Kofi Boakye, some High Court judges, Dr Yaw Sarfo (Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah) etc., to ensure the purposeful designation of a member of the Ananangya royal family as the paramount chief (Omanhene) of Kumawu does not come to pass.

She has been visiting supposed powerful fetish shrines, powerful juju men and resorting to all evil means possible with the aim of making God a liar by preventing His wish for Kumawuman to materialise. Is it not known to many Kumawuman citizens through rumours how she nocturnally scattered pieces of cut (animal) carcasses in Kumawu and Bodomase recently. While she was executing her nefarious activity in the silence of the deep night, thinking everyone was asleep and that nobody would notice it, God as wide awake as He has always been, was watching her from the Heaven. Had she also not intended to bury a live sheep and a small white coffin at Kumawu cemetery, but God ensured the sheep died before it could be interred, thereby defeating her objective, whatever it was?

Upon all her many years of unsuccessful evil machinations directed at harming the appointed one of God and his supporters who are the vessels of God, she has still not realised that the hand of God is upon those that she is trying hard to harm.

For her obstinacy, unwillingness to reform her mind by desisting from her evil ploys, the wrath of God has come to bear heavily upon her. She is now feeling very poorly (sick). All her malevolence towards others has been reversed on her. Instead of seeking the face of God for healing, she is rather shuttling between fetish shrines (Akonodi, Antoa Nyamaa, etc.) hoping to secure a cure or treatment.

To her, I say, "Obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill" (se wo anntie enne 3wam atiko p3). Additionally, "if you don't listen, you will feel it". Could this rightly be, "Din b3 antumi wo a, etete wo ntoma?" Is she not being forced by God to taste the bitterness of the poisonous concoction she had spiritually prepared for her perceived enemies? It serves her right, some people will say.

How will it benefit Kumawuhemaa Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah, if she gains all the material wealth of the world but loses her life? Why is she so insatiably greedy, selfish and extremely rude?

What is happening to her is just the tip of the iceberg. If she does not refrain from her evilness, publicly come out to apologise to God, the Kumawuman people, especially the members of the Ananangya and Odumase royal families, and renounces her evil ways, I am afraid, it won't take long for "her to take Death's arm and follow him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night".


Does she have ears to hear at all? Let us all wait and see how God will finally deal with Kumawuhemaa, Asantehene, DCOP Kofi Boakye, Dr Yaw Sarfo (Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah) and all their accomplices. God has given them ample time to change, warning them through my publications, but they have rather chosen to stick in their ignorance; preferred to have their own stubborn way.

Rockson Adofo

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