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Opinions of Monday, 20 May 2019

Columnist: Nana Asare

Ghana Music Awards in review: Elements in the casket

Who says there isn't and there can't be a rule to curve the tension generated by event stakeholders.

Its sad we taking stands behind this two. They messed up a huge event in the history of our music industry.

They created the tension , now they fail to control it.

If I won an award , and decide to go up stage with 100's of people and my rival wants to make peace he doesn't get up pushing chairs etc and walk up stage with 100's to congratulate me.

What happened to standing up and clap , what happened to him using his performing time in congratulating Stonebwoy , he could have spoken to organisers for it to happen in a nice way.

Let's note this ,once an artist mounts a stage , the stage belongs to him or her. And it will take his decision for another to join him or her on stage.

Stonebwoy didn't do well by sending a gun to the event.

The tension got him to point five fingers in to Shatta's face , saying I have won five times over you

To have pulled the gun , for Black Sidi to have punched the guy ... Wrong move but only God knows what the guy said to him.

CHARTER HOUSE however should bow their heads in shame for helping both artist build such tension.

With the fear of insults they created a voting challenge for the two and in returned made money for Vodafone.

Other factors that led to a poor show

?Show took long to start.

? Running order wasn't well scripted...

? Poor Security

? Chairman General was lost in the moment

I also feel award shows shouldn't be concentrated on the masses attending , However capitalized on a more refined way of commercialising the event.

For laughs Shatta Wale quickly went off the stage when the punches started flying.

Compraring 2015 to recent incident

Comparing Shatta Wale doing same in 2015 to now is so wrong.

Ask yourself if anyone did a voting party.


If artistes in 2015 gave out credit to fans , so they vote

Let's be sincere was the rivalry this intense

Did Shatta Wale do that without pre informing organisers or Stonebwoy's team

Did he angrily push people and chairs before approaching the stage.

In what mood did he expressed his joy for Stonebwoy back then in 2015

Lets ask this question get answers before saying but he did same in 2015 and nothing happened.

In 2015 Shatta Wale Had a manager in 2019 he only has a publicist and he acts as his own manager.

We all learning , maybe one day we will be leading the industry so we shouldn't follow blindly.