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Opinions of Saturday, 6 February 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Has Ghana run out of leaders to trust NPP again!!?.

How gullible can Ghanaians be to trust such desperate people to entrust them with national administration? Has Ghana run out of leaders?

The desperation is all over their faces to test the sweetness power. They so badly want power that, they don’t care who they go to bed with.

They say in politics they are no permanent enemies nor morals but the majority Ghanaians are not politians but people needing basic essentials to survive and enjoy their freedoms. So why should we allow vultures, criminals, drug dealers, manipulators, schemers, and power hungry people to lead us!?.

When will we,Ghanaians say no to shameful people like Nana Addo who cannot tell that his time is up? Nana Addo has eaten more than what God allotted for him in an ordinary life time of a person. Ask Nana Addo how many Countries he has visited for pleasure and work. Ask Nana Addo how much he has gotten from the Ghanaian government both legal and illegal. Ask Nana Addo how many women he has had legally and illegally.

What more does this old man (Nana Addo) wants before he can really say enough, let the young people come and enjoy also. How many people are striving to have even 10% of what Nana Addo has had from this Country. Surely I must be dreaming of the waste kind of selfishness of man because you can’t have a better example than this.

Look at the handshake of Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia. One can smell the hypocrisy both men have, but since they are determined to get power and loot Ghana once more, as they had done in the past, they can openly express their devious acts of embracing each other when we all know they are not friends.

I would rather go to jail than hold back to call these people looters because Nana Addo is indeed a smooth criminal who has stolen from Ghanaians otherwise he would account how he got rich.

The arrogance and corruption tendency of Nana Addo is very clear in the minds of Ghanaians inspite of the inept and compromised Drill ship deal. Nana Addo should have also been made to explain what role he played in the drill ship saga.

These people are very lucky because the system is so powerful that civil servants watch these people loot the Country but they can’t stand in Court to narrate everything. They only complain to others on how evil is done at the expense of poor Ghanaians.

Yes, I am not powerful to evidently outline the corruption of these criminals so that they could rot in jails, but I know much less as they do that they have stolen from Ghanaians.

On this one (corruption) I make no exception of other Ndc members, people like Betty Mould Iddrisu and others know what they did with Woyome at the Attorney general ministry. Actually is by mercy of President Mahama that such people should still be in government.

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