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Opinions of Thursday, 24 June 2010

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Haruna Iddrisu,”Give Me This Goes With Take This From Me”.

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

The story published in the Daily Searchlight of June 15, 2010 under the banner headline, ”HARUNA IDDRISU,INUSAH FUSEINI ATTACKED, as I read it on the internet quickly reflected in my mind an incident which happened in one of the big “chop bars” at Accra Lorry station some years back.

A gentleman who has gone for mystical powers to cheat or dupe certain persons who after succeeding in her crook tactics vanish into thin air could not vanish that particular day as the powers did not work for him to vanish after trying to dupe the chop bar owner. This young, handsome and energetic guy has refused to work for money but have decided to go for” SAKAWA” or better still what in Ghana we called “AYIRA ADURO” where after eating all that he wants from the restaurant, will slap his face on the wall and vanish into thin air.

This guy whom I remember was identified as Kofi Abrantie, will go to this particular restaurant and order Fufu worth two thousand cedis with several varieties of fish and meat over ten thousand cedis.

As he stands before the attendant, he will stretch his long finger “AKYEREKYERE KWAN” and ask the woman “yes give me this, okay give that one too, give me this and add that one too to it, oh have you forgotten the other meat then finally give me this one too” whiles the woman keeps stirring the soup with a long ladle bringing out all the meat and fishes in it out dancing.

After Kofi Abrantie, has finished consuming everything then he will meditate and slap his face on the wall then of he vanishes into thin air without paying for the cost of the food he purchased leaving the attendants wondering as to his where about.

These mischievous acts of Kofi Abrantie continued for a while not knowing after the third incident the attendant has also adopted a counteracting steps to teach him a lesson the next time he venture to vanish from her sight after ordering her food and finish consuming everything.

Then came this particular day when Kofi Abrantie, went to the restaurant to do his thing again. After the meal, he slapped his face on the wall but could not vanish. He did it several times but remain not vanished then he asked the chop bar owner”Mami Mayira Anaa?”

“Oh so you know what you have been doing whenever you come here to eat with the intention that you will eat everything and vanish from our sight eh” she quizzed. Guys, she called on her strong men who have been pounding the fufu to teach him a lesson by laying him and lashing him 50 strokes of canes after which he should be set free. This did not deter Kofi Abrantie as on another day he went there to test his mystical powers because the herbalist who prepared it for him told him it was because he ate a lot that was why he could not vanish that day.

But lo and behold, Kofi Abrantie could not vanish as he asked the woman the same question, have I vanished madam? Then one of the guys identified him by saying was he not the guy with whom we lashed the other das for not paying for his meals? Kofi Abrantie did not wait to be told to answer where he said”HNMMM”

Okay so what do you thing we should do to you today too? Asked the guys’ .Well if you can do what you did to me that day so that I can go I will be okay Kofi Abrantie decided the punishment as “HHNNMM”

Alright, lay him on the table and give him hundred lashes says the bar owner. As the caning was on going Kofi complained “eh Madam today you are doing more than what you use to do to me oo” which made the owner to reply “yes we are going according to give me this, give me this and add this to it’.

What this imply is that every politician be the one seeking a presidential bid or parliamentary as well as party executive position when you descend to the grassroots to canvass their votes by promising to supply certain social amenities when voted to power, one must fulfill.

Often than not what we turn to observe is that after these politicians have gotten the votes and are in power never go back to the same people who voted for them until another general election is due before you will see them generating a lot of anger in the people only to express in any form like the one which happened when Haruna and Fuseini went through.

Although such violent activities like stoning and attempt to lynch public office holders in our body politics should be condemned entirely, it will not be out of place to also caution our politicians of what they say and do in order not to infuriate the people to spree their anger on them.

When seeking votes to become a president, parliamentarian, party executive and goes to the electorate and stretch your thumb asking them “give me this to go and represent you in the law making house.

“They should also be reminded that the people will shout take this by throwing stones, sticks and attempt to lynch them if they turn their back on them after having their votes since give me this goes with take this”. End.