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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Columnist: Larbi, Tete

Happenings in the NPP!

Have you noticed that some elements in the NPP enjoy bashing the General Secretary than talking about the gross economic mismanagement of the NDC?

YES! Those are the political entrepreneurs in the party. They are no Polling station, constituency, regional or National Officers but have turned themselves into a cabal, milking the party and collecting huge funds from Business Men and some Government officials.

Do you remember the famous Prudential Bank Dollar account, belonging to the party but signed by one Ken Ofori Atta that was unearth and described as criminal by Paul Afoko?

Go to East Legon, they have expensive mansions and properties scattered all around through campaign funding. For them, it's all about grabbing campaign funds to sustain their families, businesses and Interest for the next four years and do not care about winning elections.

The recent attacks on the National Chairman and GS are as a result of a decision to decentralise the dues payment system. for the fact that people have lost their daily bread, because now, monies are being paid to constituency instead of a certain unknown arrangement with a company, they have vouched to destroy the GS and render his administration useless.

They were behind a certain Opoku Adusei and Garry Nimako's attempt to imprison the National Chairman and GS just so they could get rid of them for their poodle, Freddie Blay and John Boadu to act as Chairman and GS respectively.

The fake steering committee meeting, that took the shine away from what people have described as the well organised parliamentary vetting, was meant to 'test' the legality of holding meetings in the absence of the National Chairman.

It has not happened before in The history of the NPP that a vice chairman, whiles his chairman lives, who hurriedly arrange a meeting without his prior approval and knowledge, and take a major decision of releasing 500 million Cedis of Party funds for officers to supervised an already well programmed activity.

Is it not strange, that Daily Guide, a newspaper that received enormous support from the Kufour Government, enjoys bashing the NPP leadership than that of the failed Mahama administration? No wonder today, Daily Guide enjoys adverts from the NDC government.

Watch out for these men!

Ken OFori Atta Gabby Asare Otchere Darko

Yes! They don't care if the party breaks apart so far as business men can locate their new Campaign fund management Office on the last floor of Movenpick.

Let's shun our eyes. Be on the look out for their next attack on the National Chairman and General Secretary.

Say No! To looting of campaign funds!

By: Tete Larbi, Shai Osudoku Constituency