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Opinions of Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Columnist: ASK

Handling the President's phone II

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This past week has been interesting. The SA3 paper had landed in town as Opana had grabbed a decorated doctorate of law degree. Unfortunately, these kinds of certificates do not qualify one to practice as a lawyer.

This cannot set aside the long standing demands for him to show his law certificate to the general public.

Then I kept wondering, what exactly could be the reason for which, since 2008 this law certificate is not being shown and the school from where he obtained the certificate not being disclosed.

At a point, I brushed it off. However, upon a second thought, I noticed the likely future implications. If we risk electing a president who does not seem to have a certificate under the guise of having lost it, our children would pull a smart one on us.

Our children can demand monies to go pursue courses outside the country or even within, and return to say they have completed but have lost their certificates. Would we be qualified to challenge them when a whole president could be elected without a certificate?

Again, any one can apply for a job and then walk in for interviews. Would the panel be right in denying them their ‘rights’ if they they claimed they lost their certificates? With reference to Opana as president, they could only be allowed to go through the interviews and possibly take the job.

If we must avoid such a chaotic future, we cannot set in motion today, what would justify any such academic chaos. We must act in ways that would reject such societal errors from occurring.

Ahaaa, what are they saying mpo? I am even confused. I sat down quietly by the sea playing a game on the President’s phone when the phone vibrated, an indication of the new messages.

I quickly suspended the game to access the message. Two questions were sent by two different people. I know one to be NPP and the other NDC. These questions are:

1. “Heheheeehhee new register don land. We go do new register. You will lose”.

2. “Sir could those names be removed from the register?”.

In response to the questions, I replied back, "you see, if the courts says yes, so shall it be. If they say no, so shall it also be. As a matter of fact, the judiciary is an independent organization and its decisions are to be obeyed”.

The EC would have proceeded to either appeal the decision, or proceeded to undertake what they were ordered to do. The mode of executing that order would be another matter”.

“However, we all understand the fact that, an offense of today that was not an offense in the past could not be made an offense from the past. The reality is that, such acts could be declared an offense from the very day they are classified as such”.

“Again, the question this raises is, if I qualify to join a tertiary institution at a time when their minimum grade required is 24 and I entered with aggregate 22, do I lose my legibility if the school decides to cut their minimum requirement to 20 when I am already admitted?

It simply doesn’t make sense. At the time these individuals registered onto the national EC database, the use of NHIS cards was admissible. How then do you expect an annulment on a crime that never existed?”

“Look, the court recognised the difficulties that such an order would pose. In clear terms, I am even shocked how the story turned from 12 midday live report on radio to what it became later.”

“I listened to a Citi FM reporter live from the court when he emphatically stated that the court did not grant any of the pleas including the removal of names of persons who have used NHIS cards to register”.

“What was interesting was that, by the 5:30 Eye Witness news on the same network, a whole period was dedicated for the skewed news without a playback of what their own reporter had said that would have laid the appropriate foundation”

“All of a sudden, no media house could report the truth especially those with audio reportage techniques. This had led to many people confused on the subject”.

Why would the NPP and its apologetic surrogates want to skew a discussion that would definitely be known. It was obvious they had approached a dead-end, and would require a reverse trend. To mitigate the shame, they must find a non-existing reason to hang on to.

Well, all I know is, elections are contested and won at the polling stations. That is where we have always been winning. If a group of lazy people think elimination by rough tactics is the only reason to guarantee their victory, it was understandable. They banned the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) before they could win elections.

The people are trying hard to use the back door to mount pressure but it appears they are becoming unsuccessful and a nuisance to society.

While we are engaged in another important exercise of limited registration, the flag bearer appeared briefly in Kumasi to raise funds. Then, he moved to the United Kingdom to attend a wedding, and then to South Africa for the SA3 paper that some claim was solicited for.

Well, in the end, we shall see who the people would choose. I can only wish them well.

…………to be continued………..