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Opinions of Saturday, 25 July 2020

Columnist: Adzei Yaw (M.A.Y.K)

Grief of keed luck gamers

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That invasive alert! The phone is mine. I don’t remember signing up on a sim with terms and conditions I did not know. I have seen previous invasions but this was one such trojan horse I would write about.

Was it a scam launched by members of a party at the NLA to rip-off their nationals?

I have been thinking and through that have revisited one of the simple rules that I have learnt in this life game. “If you don’t read the views, the experiences and comments of people before you (not comments in paid adverts) you might just become another storyteller”.

One interesting Wednesday when I had hit a good deal that earned me some very attractive returns. I had become so excited but somewhat bored within as I have come to enjoy two things recently since I lost my pet, Che. One was to take risk -stupid risks in trading and then gambling small coins on this new keed game that has invaded my phone lately.

The trade games paid and I wanted to try the keed game too, maybe I could find a pattern, as I love such things with hidden codes and messages.

Loses excite me just as wins because it makes me happy that the one at the other side has also won something. Same way I prefer to give clients deals worthwhile in business and the reason I dislike cheats.

Fortified with some hard earned 2k on my momo I decided to play it away and see what I could make of it. The keed was ever ready and I was ready. My little exposure to forex trading has shown me that I had that solid composure to be a successful player and I knew that too.

But this keed was going to prove to be a scam worse than any ponzi. My games were planned such that I used the cluster predictions according to the patterns I have observed in at least five previous games. And this has been my observation: When I staked lower amount across the field in my first few games, I made returns as were expected in a game of chance. But in subsequent games where the stakes were higher, it appeared there was a hand controlling. In some instances what I observed was that after two stakes in my identified field, the payment for the next stake from momo failed to complete and in other instances the winning results never displayed. In all the instances where momo failed to complete, the numbers I selected before the failed transaction became the winning and that caught my attention.

I decided to continue playing late at night when I expected that the system would not be jammed and I observed even worse. The keed game was created with an intention not to reward but loot the unsuspecting players. My stake on 8 numbers on hot 1 just to try the system could return with nothing but the 9th number being the winning. At a time as late as 11pm the system was still jamming and I couldn’t stake all my plays within the 10 minutes.

I did not understand how that worked. But there are two things that players should take note of. One is that, it is possible to have a game where all players are given different winning numbers at the same time. These games can make you win the first few because they have your record and then let you lose the rest. This scheme can be done successfully because many people would not wish to disclose their gamming habits. The handlers of this game can therefore use the 10minute window to group your stakes and send you a winning number that does not match any of yours stakes.

The second is that where the amount involved is very high the gamers can ensure that your results do not return in the 10 minutes window and you have no ways of tracing that. You and I know Ghanaians are scared of big offices and the customer services in these offices are so poor that you would return more frustrated than you went there for redress.

The makers of this game know this. So, they have come to loot you and enrich themselves.

When I lost Ghc2000 in one night to keed. I wasn’t worried because I will make that another way, but I was concerned with the many out there who might be hoping to use their last cash or fees to play this game and so I decided to write this.

I however, did not want to write from only my point of view so I visited the comment section of stories carried by Ghanaweb on the launch of keed and it was revealing, many people have made many other observations too, you just have to go and read.

I am no genius but I certainly do not doubt my ability to identify patterns. Take it or take it (borrowed) I can assure you that unlike the normal weekly lottery games you cannot win the keed. But my worry is that if the government claims to be protecting us from fraudulent bankers, deposit takers and Ponzi schemes who then protects us from a worse form of fraud being championed by NLA itself?

Let history be your guide, not just history but the comments from previous players and not from paid adverts.