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Opinions of Monday, 4 May 2009

Columnist: Ama-Serwaa, M

Grade "F-" for Prof. Atta Mills in his 100 days in Office

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Prof. Atta Mills as President on NDC ticket has exhausted his 100 days in office and critical analysis reveals how he has failed woefully to make any meaningful impact at the end of these historical 100 days in office. The following (5) key areas show how he performed and the grades befitted him:

1) National Security - Mills was voted to power to protect Ghanaians and secure individual as well as national assets but what majority of Ghanaians received was intimidation from individuals and groups of NDC fanatics to the point of some folks loosing their lives at Agbogbloshie Market arena, several places within the country and especially in the (3) northern regions. Some people properties were burnt and vandalized. NDC is seen continuously organizing state sponsored hooliganism to harass people sympathetic to NPP. Cars were/are seized at gun points. These continuous scenario shows, Mills has failed totally in securing and protecting Ghanaians, where as he is either hiding behind these cruel behavior or sitting unconcerned. He receives a grade [F].

2) Ministerial Appointments - In this hard time of Global Economic difficulties, every country is putting in place knowledgeable and able people in vantage/ministerial positions to help put up prudent measures to manage economy, social services, information, tourism and other ministries. Prof. Atta Mills appointed some people like Zita Okaikoi, a lady who could not prepare her own CV / resume, unable to properly spell her full name, did not know what degree she earned/bought in the University! Her English grammar and answers were so horrible that a JHS student can even do better than her in the Information Ministry. This is a lady who is not even fit to manage Ashiaman toilet facilities and the lorry parks, which the NDC boys are fighting for, right now. This Zita-Okaikoi lady has been placed to take charge of Information Ministry, a very vital ministry showcasing how Ghana’s information is disseminated throughout the world…”Haaba Agya Atta Mills…why this mess.” I do not think Mills does not love his country Ghana, the reason for appointing such a semi-literate lady but the fact is Prof. Mills is simply ignorant. He and his henchmen do not have what it takes to phantom that donor countries and rest of the world are watching and reading the type of information Ghana puts across. Another Minister, Fiifi Kwettey has been appointed to Finance Ministry, a person who is alleged to be the “No. 1 liar” in Ghana. A person labeled as Propaganda Secretary, in order words, “Secretary of Lies” which in reality lied about all information he put across during the so called NDC Press Conference in the 2008 Election Heat. How do you expect a cat to take care of fish, as a liar Fiifi Kwettey to take of Ghana’s Finances? Another semi-illiterate Minister – Ama Benyiwa Doe and the Akua Dansoa group…Oh Ghana…are these the people managing this precious country for four years? The list of these unqualified ministers can go on and on as your guess might be right as mine. Meanwhile, Prof. Mills has appointed his twin brother as well as his “akonta” brother-in-law to the Economic Team. An act of nepotism and cronyism – something he cried-wolf and critized Pres. Kuffour at least five times, so far as I know. This is an act of hypocrisy to the highest degree. Mills receives [F---]

3) Fuel Politics - Prof Mills and his NDC promised during the campaign to reduce fuel price to $2 / gallon. He added salt to injury by insulting Ghanaians. He failed woefully to reduce the fuel price beyond 5% and after just 2-3 weeks increased the price to more than 10%. Do Prof. Atta Mills and his NDC think Ghanaians are fools? We will teach them a lesson, coming 2012 election. This is the only area he performed best for managing to swindle/deceived Ghanaians to believe that he would reduce the fuel price. GRADE [E].

4) Sacking non NDC people from positions - This kind of madness need to stop else Ghanaian democracy is just a laughable stock. Kuffour did this and Atta Mills has also continued and even worse by sacking people who are not even political appointees but professionals from various jobs simply because they are seen as NPP supporters in the military, police, banks and other offices. Mills and his NDC have done more harm than good. GRADE [F]

5) Free Falling Cedi and Economy - I do not know if the previous NPP Government used a magical power to keep the Cedi and economy strong. The NDC has lost focus and Cedi is falling everyday. GDP and inflation are also on the free fall while prices of commodities are sky rocketing. The Finance Minister has no clue of fixing the economy but rather spinning on blame game. My advice to this Minister is to consult Dr. Yaw Osafo Marfo (NPP) for help. GRADE [F]