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Opinions of Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Columnist: Anas Issah

The agony of the Ghanaian pupil

Pupils in a classroom of classrooms Pupils in a classroom of classrooms

I write to the citizenry and to those it may concern. There is no meaningful education in Ghana currently. Why? We all pretend everything is normal and decided to go with the norm carelessly forgetting the consequences of our actions tomorrow. Now why?

1. There are no curriculum materials.

2. No teacher's guide/handbook.

3. No teacher's pack.

4. No pupils' textbooks.

Now tell me honestly what are the teachers teaching our wards ? Magic? sorcery? or imagination ? Starting from KG1 to PB no single curriculum material for the implementation of the new standard based curriculum (SBC),yet we are in school every week teaching/learning what ?

Let's quickly take a look at B7 to B9 on the 15 day of March 2021 broke up school for midterm and returned on the 22 of the same month, in the pretence of running a semester system with the so called SBC which not even a single teacher from that level has been given any training in respect to that.

Now tell me what logical reasoning was behind the midterms ? We must wake up and as meaningful Ghanaians as soon as possible to fight this menace before it eats deep into our bones. Let's rise up as parents, teachers and stakeholders of education to demand for immediate solutions to this canker in the education system. The ministry should light the fire for our future generations before we are in doom.

We students deserve better education too.

We deserve a better future too.

We can't afford education overseas, so Ghana is our hope.

Ghana is all that our hearts bleed for, we all are Ghanaians.

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