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Opinions of Sunday, 24 August 2014

Columnist: Ansobie, Biliguo bie

Government by magic spell


Proud am I to claim this version as my own
This government--government by magic spell

From a common brook the electorates ever drunk
A brook, perhaps, charmed by once potent sage
5 To install these potentates of chaos and ruthlessness
To run a government of borrowed loans and oil dough
With debt surpassing all predecessors' combined
Just to invest in gargantuan crimes and pursue injustice
In every nook and cranny of the soil

10 I will neither employ demons nor guns
But to my delight the usual words and biro
To topple the oppressive and corrupt government
Of the late Lampo Karachi and half-eared sheep

This government is sustained by ,demons and evil minds
15 And certainly by illegalities in the high places
Whether or not 'tis interceded for by saints, wadaads or voodoo men
As the son of man wrestles with dromedaries in its backyard
As the son of man is sheathed as in Sword of Damocles
And a legion skulk herein for dreaded secrets and plans

20 In daily integrity meditations demons and men operate
To defame its antagonist, attain pseudoglories, and sustain the government
Ascribing saintliness to them seem derogatory and ludicrous
As the last days will soon nullify the rest
Alas! this one will plunge into the bottomless ocean

25 Notice from cannons and guns 'twas derived
And cell broke for coup prisoner to our nation rule
And now 'tis shattered into yet unsorted fragments
Of constant confusing, internal wrangling, bickering and bigotry
Hitherto under the armchair Lampo Karachi
30 And now under Bob-Loose-Conscience
Whose tahleel seems desecreted or defied
As the impotent formulation can no longer subdue curious minds
Yet there's unjust support from its footsoldiers in every clime
Nursing hope of consequent triumph
35 To bury their shame and misdeeds
Even as the spear pierces across the frog's own mouth
In this mystery of contradiction

From my freedom of belief and conscience I speak
Seeking not to offend a friend or foe
40 But to convey the truth and inward light
Kulmasa, 01 August, 2012.