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Sports Features of Saturday, 19 July 2014

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Government Commission is a ploy to hount Nyantakyi

There is no cause for alarm when one is best in a particular field and to the people of Ghana except the unnecessary foes,the achievement of K.Nyantakyi as GFA President over the past 9 years supersedes any hatred and pull him down attitude. On record, and on this current generation any discerning football enthusiast would not venture to vote out Nyantakyi from the office of GFA. The man has sold Ghana football to a height no mortal can reach and to me, l dont think he has competitor currently to oppose him.

All those who are vying for his office are not capable to replicate his achievement but canning way of inheriting the sound coffers of the FA is their motive.

They have hidden behind all kinds of Government committee in order to provoke Kwasi to step down. The supposed investigation towards the poor performance at the world cup,must be genuinely target the past ministry led by Elvis Afriyie Ankra because Nyantakyi doesn't carries the teams money.

Kwasi, is backed by FIFA rules and no one can remove him from his current position till congress.The likes of Harry Zakour,Odotey,Randy Abbey and the rest should go back to their performance demo to check if they have where withal to compete with Nyantakyi because Ghana football is in safe hands for now. l am done.