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Opinions of Sunday, 13 May 2012

Columnist: Amponsah Stonash

God Bless The Woman!

By; Amponsah Stonash, New York.

I write as a young man carried and nurtured for nine months in the safe, secured, warm and heavenly created womb of the woman with its pure waters.
Burdened with a nine month labour struggle coupled with unforeseeable agonizing moments, the naturally imbued resilience and tenacity of the woman are always brought to bear in overcoming this near-death journey.
The unparalleled sacrifices, commitment and dedications thereafter are invaluable. The woman as a mother literally becomes a guiding tool, and suffers from ‘natural hallucination’, all in her bid to nursing a responsible individual for our world. But hey, within these stages of motherhood lie the litters of activities that would unequivocally make man retch!
A sober and solemn reflection on my days as a kid leaves me no option than to uphold the woman in high esteem. I knew no bounds and barriers set to me by the woman. I flouted rules n regulations so I cloud have my own ways as a kid, which apparently were life damaging. But even that, I was still under the unperturbed surveillance of the woman - 24/7.
The prompt responses accorded to my mischievous calls as a kid, both day and deep in the night, are worth mentioning. Always dressed to the nines on Sundays, and carried to church whether willingly or under durex, it thought me the good ways to life. However, staggering among all of these is that, even as an adult, my beam ends were never neglected by the woman. This pristine affection from the woman has held sway the life I’m living. And though I never lived as she wanted - somewhere along the line - I have always been mindful of what she thought me, thus making thy life a plain sailing.
The heart of the woman accommodates an immeasurable amount of love, kindness, passion, compassion among many others and the likes of Mother Theresa of Calcultal is an apt representation of these gold-emboldened qualities, coupled with cherished body/wobbly bits!.
Therefore, craving for solace and tenderness in the bosom of the woman, whether conventional or without the benefit of a clergy, have become a ‘do-before-die’ in the life of a man, expect for ‘those’ at the other side of this romantic divide. I have always underestimated and downplayed the phrase ‘strength of a woman’, until push came to shove! Then that I impeccably construed the underlining wisdom within such a phrase. It’s simply fascinating!!!
As a libertarian conservative, I cannot but lay credence to the phenomenal roles played by women in liberation struggle (liberty; one of the fundamental natural right of every right-thinking individual within the nukes and crannies of our world). The struggle for liberation across all facet of life has either been bloody or upheaving. Yet, with unassailabe courage, the woman defied all odds and stood firm on her grounds with an unwavering premonition of achieving victory.
In the end, many were the people liberated through the indelible displays from the likes of Asante’s Yaa Asantewaa, America’s Rosa Park, Great Britain’s Emily Davison, Asian’s Nassam Savananamuttu among other. Some of these women rose from the dangling depth of the dungeon to the pinnacles of glory through their stirring achievements which will continue to linger on the minds of persons alive and yet to come. But greatness is even those yet to be unraveled!
In His own wisdom, He created woman after man, which indeed pointificates that some things and happenings are certainly not meant to be understood in life. And also come to think of it, why ‘mother’ earth and not ‘father’ earth?, knowing succinctly the virtual impossibility of our existence without 'mother' earth. Well, while many are the songs written for the woman and sung by men in all genre of music, the least said about Kwashie Aggrey’s "educated man equals individual; educated woman equals nation"[paraphrased] - the better.
I may not be able to say all considering the enormous imperativeness of womanhood and its sacredness.
Truly, my appreciation to the woman cannot be captured by words. But there is one conviction that I hold dear, that; “my mother never learnt than I did, but her talent gave birth to who I am!”
These are just some reflections of an ordinary young man born and nurtured by the woman!!!


Amponsah Stonash.
New York.