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Opinions of Monday, 20 April 2020

Columnist: Kofi Dake

Torn in between life and economy

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As little as I may look, I have about 30 million children who qualify as leaders in their little corners; an objective sect confronted with "gullible partisan characters."

I have been forced to battle with this scenario for the past 60 years. Different seasons but each requires strenuous efforts to satisfy my children. I can never please all of them in a given instance but the chosen child at any point in time has the responsibility to take decisions to better their lives.

I have been afflicted by COVID-19. I have been thinking, how will I sustain the economy and save lives? An unpleasant moment which forces uncontrollable salty tears down my cheeks. The chosen child is having sleepless nights over the best decisions and strategies to employ during this situation; to choose the economy or to save lives?

In his first attempt, he uttered wonderful words which drew attention of other countries "We know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life" coupled with a partial lockdown....beautiful and encouraging words.

Many were calmed and chanted songs of praise for the chosen child. "Our lives over the economy, yes!"

A lot had transpired during the three weeks partial lockdown, I was once again exposed; inadequate infrastructure and cushion to fight the pandemic. I had to resort to my usual lifestyle "borrow" just to better the lives of my children; some of the strategies outlined by the chosen child may have not been properly implemented and collectively embraced.

The devil, "partisan politics" had the best of my children. Those who fulminate and remonstrate at every good decision and those who vehemently defend poor implementation. Some of my children are still left with nothing to eat, no shelter.

Businesses are collapsing, people are out of stock and hungry, COVID-19 cases are soaring....the outlook is scary. Something needs to be done.

On a long awaited national address by the chosen child, the state was caught in a limbo.

As usual, those who made merry because of the suspension of the partial lockdown and the many who were agitated with the decision. The fear to lose lives! Have we been left to our fate? Things do not add up for my children. Many questions have been asked.

Considering the need for social distancing and approaches taken by other countries, one would have thought that an extension of the lockdown was the best decision but the chosen child sided with the opposite yet coupled them with strategic restrictions.

I pray my children do not abuse this opportunity. COVID-19 is still lurking.

The unforeseen keeps me in a state of torpor. What does the future hold for my children?