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Opinions of Saturday, 8 February 2020

Columnist: Gifty Osei-Boakye Bingley

Gifty Bingley writes: My experience on professional drama

When you are a leader and you know the job better than your team, you show them the ropes.

It makes your life easier - you are able to delegate.

It builds trust, confidence and respect.

The job always gets done faster.

It allows you to look at the bigger picture rather than working on every detail by yourself.

They feel engaged because they are learning something new from the right source.

They also become better managers and pay it forward to those they supervise - overall the quality of your team and delivery is better.

You are better off building a high performing team than being the only high performer in your team.

Of course if there is always one who is non-cooperative, lazy and has an excuse for everything, you need to manage the person separately.