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Opinions of Sunday, 24 April 2011

Columnist: The Emperor

Ghanaians’ unhealthy obsession with Mr Rawlings

Rawlings, the enigma. Where do I begin with him? Well, I could take you to the distant past. However, due to time constraints, I shall spare you the time travel. Secondly, you haven’t been diagnosed with amnesia. At least, this hope and belief. So, I don’t think it would be necessary to remind you of the past. Though, there are some amongst us who seem to be stuck in the past. Having said this, I was very reluctant to write an article about Mr Rawlings. To tell the truth, I didn’t want to. I loathed the idea! So, why did I decide to write? I believe that lots of garbage have been written about the man. Some so-called writers write about Rawlings as if they’re better. In their writings, they judge the man as if they are God Almighty. Such hypocrisy! I am sure that you have bore witness yourself. Hence, my decision to write something else about the man. I hope this piece of writing does him and his wonderful family great justice!

Some time ago, Mr Rawlings asserted that most Ghanaian news papers use his name to sell their papers. Back then, I thought that he was being narcissistic. I said to myself; this man is full of himself. Years later, I came to the shocking conclusion that I was wrong, and he was right. Yes, Ghanaians cannot seem to get enough of Rawlings. Whatever Mr Rawlings says or does makes it to the headlines! In fact, Ghanaians’ fascination with this political figure has grown into an obsession. For some, an unhealthy obsession, which has resulted in madness without them knowing. So, what’s behind this strange obsession? Is Mr Rawlings that interesting? Yes, he is! Otherwise, the media would’ve left him alone by now. What makes Mr Rawlings so interesting? Well, to start, he speaks truth to power. Mr Rawlings fears no one! He doesn’t give a damn about what anybody thinks of him. Most importantly, he knows what he stands for. He also knows what he cannot stand. To him, this is all that matters!

For the past three weeks or so, Mr Rawlings has been dominating the headlines. His alleged fall-out with President Mills has placed him under the spot light. To the detriment of his immense popularity, of course! Some are accusing Mr Rawlings of intimidating and backstabbing the President. So, what caused the rift? Well, y’all remember the previous government. To be precise, Kufour’s NPP government. We know that the previous government accomplished many things. For instance, the NPP government managed to double our gross domestic product from $3.74 billion to $7.34 billion. Indeed, a wonderful accomplishment if you ask me. But, what does it mean in simple terms? It means that the country made lots of monies from its trade activities. Monies which should’ve been put into good use, of course! Sadly, this wasn’t the case. The monies came in and disappeared into private pockets. The IMF had to be called to the rescue, for nothing was left in the treasury. Nothing was saved!

Mr Rawlings’ request from Mills shouldn’t have caused a rift between the two. To me, it shouldn’t have been necessary. We know that lots of NPP parliamentarians became exceedingly rich overnight! So, why not bring them to the fore to be questioned? Why not make an inquiry to find out who is guilty or who isn’t? The NDC made it part of its electoral promises to give Ghanaians justice. This was the deal! So, is Mr Rawlings wrong to call for justice? No, I don’t think so! If anything, his call should be applauded by all and sundry. It should be the people’s call, our call! Regrettably, the media has turned Mr Rawlings’ call for justice into sensation.They have made it look as if Rawlings is unpatriotic and crazy. The bad guy! So, is he? Well, the thieves and the traitors would like you to believe that Rawlings is crazy. They are experts when it comes to assassinating a person’s character in public! The record has shown!They would tell you that Rawlings did this and that. So, you should shun him at all costs. Well, I have got something to say to these shameless thieves and traitors. Let him that’s without sin cast the first stone!

Welcome 2 the New age of Consciousness!

Source: The Emperor