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Opinions of Thursday, 8 August 2019

Columnist: K. Badu, UK

Ghanaians demand justice: Why are the alleged conspirators in Woyome’s case walking freely?

Some of us, as a matter of fairness, are in acquiescence with the well-meaning Ghanaians who have been urging the powers that be to probe and arraign the alleged conspiratorial plotters in Woyome’s dubious judgement debt payment before the law courts.

In fact, every patriotic Ghanaian must shrill and thrill over the exciting news that the Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Alfred Benin, has ordered that some identified properties of the litigious businessman, Alfred Woyome, be sold towards the payment of the dubious 51 Million Ghana Cedis judgement debt paid to him in 2010 by the erstwhile NDC government (see: ‘Sell Woyome’s properties to pay debt to the state-Supreme Court orders;, 27/06/2019).

The advocates of multiple prosecutions, in fairness, have a valid point in the sense that if Woyome had no contract with the Government of Ghana, and yet he was paid such a huge amount, then some people may have either been negligent or conspired with the protagonist.

The records however have it that the incompliant appointees within the late Mills government took advantage of his leniency and flouted the good old Mills orders and doled out the staggering amount to Wayome, who had no contract with the Government of Ghana.

Some of us can attest to the fact that the late Mills was an excellent human being and a real patriot who meant well for his country, but he was unfortunately let down by the very people he reposed his unwavering trust.

Apparently, reflective observers maintain that the late Mills would have been very successful in his short spell in government but for the shenanigans of the conspiratorial plotters that surrounded him.

I have always insisted that, although I am not, and will never be an NDC sympathiser, I will forever vouch for the late President Mills unmatched adherence to moral principles.

Back then, the vineyard news spiralled through somewhat disturbingly that the late Mills, was, in fact, worried about the cloudy dealings of some of his appointees.

Take, for example, it has been well-stencilled that prior to the dubious Wayome’s judgement debt payment of GH51.2 million, the late Mills earnestly warned the ‘create, loot and share’ cabals not to effect payment, and yet the disobedient appointees defied his orders and effect payment anyhow.

Notwithstanding his unparalleled moral rectitude, the late President Mills somehow yielded to his appointees shenanigans and allowed the create loot and share cabals to have their way.

In spite of his appointees irreversible impunity and conspicuous dereliction of duty, the late Mills blatantly failed to crack the whip. He bizarrely held on to the weird descriptive label, ‘father for all’.

The truth however remains that the late Mills spared the rod and spoilt his government appointees.

Yes, his appointees were all over the place canvassing for people to come forward for the non-existent judgement debt. It was, indeed, an illustrative case of let us ‘create loot and share’. How bizarre?

The conspiratorial plotters allegedly managed to insert a purported amount of GH600 million into the national budget, with a flimsy excuse of reimbursing judgement debt claimants.

I must, in fact, confess that I have not been able to put an end to my extreme incredulity upon listening to Thursday’s 27th June 2019 edition of Oman FM’s ‘Boiling Point’ political show, where a panel member incredibly alleged that NDC and a number of apologists were beneficiaries of Woyome’s dubious GH51.2 million judgment debt payment.

Perhaps, this chilling allegation may explain why a host of NDC communicators defended and continue to defend the wrongful judgment debt payment to the hilt in spite of the fact that Woyome once admitted on Kwame Sefa Khai’s Kokrokoo show that he had no contract with the government of Ghana.

JSC Dotse could not have put it any better: “it was an illustrative case of create loot and share.”

Remember however that in July 2014, the Supreme Court of Ghana ordered Businessman Mr Alfred Woyome to pay back to the state, GH 51.2million dubious judgment debt paid him between 2009 and 2010.

It is important to note that the Supreme Court’s ruling was as a result of a review of the court's earlier decision, sought by former Attorney General and the current Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, who argued poignantly that Woyome, like international firms, Waterville and Isofoton, had no valid contract to be paid any amount by the state in judgment debt.

The Supreme Court accordingly ruled that Isofoton S.A., and Waterville Holdings BVI, must also refund the dubious judgement debt payments made to them by the erstwhile NDC government.

According to the highest Court of the land, the Waterville Holdings BVI, which was allegedly involved in the construction of some stadia in Ghana, ahead of the hosting of the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations, was wrongfully paid €25 million and must refund the money.

While the Court ordered Isofoton S.A. to refund US$325,472 it received as judgment debt from the Government of Ghana.

Unfortunately, none of those monies were retrieved by the erstwhile NDC government, in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

In sum, we hope and pray fervently that Woyome will carry out a roll-call of the beneficiaries of the dubious GH51.2 million judgment debt payments so that they may face the law.

In ending, we beseech the Attorney General to pursue the conspiratorial plotters who have contributed to Ghana’s underdevelopment to the delight of all patriotic Ghanaians.