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Opinions of Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

Ghanaians: The Orphans Of Wealth

The orphans of wealth

Their parental figures they betray

Their own progress they delay

Their souls whither and decay

While they anxiously pray

For black gold to save the day

The orphans of wealth

Standing on the outside looking in

Wandering from where to begin

Still searching for a place to fit in

Their minds poisoned by religion

Their bodies housing counterfeited souls

Their paths nowhere destiny's door

The orphans of wealth

To and fro they roam

Like vagabonds without a home

Ever restless like a heartbeat

Aplenty they have in possession

Yet poverty is their obsession

The orphans of wealth

Estranged from their land of birth

See them sweat for a stranger's greed

See them slave just to feed

See them act like souls in need

What a pitiful sight to behold in deed

The orphans of wealth

Blessed with everything

Yet pretend to have nothing

Still begging others for something

God couldn't bring them salvation

Gold couldn't bring them satisfaction

So now they wait for black gold to save the day