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Opinions of Monday, 9 August 2010

Columnist: Augustrian

Ghanaians: Say No To Uncle Tom Leaders

Quite recently, our country struck oil, which is scheduled to be pumped out later this year. Now, as you and I know, when a country discovers oil for the first time, it goes out in search of companies with the right expertise and equipments to do business with. For instance; a smart country, as opposed to signing a partnership deal or any other deal for that matter, would first contemplate the possibility of employment. Meaning, this particular country would employ a company--which specializes in oil drilling, to drill out its oil against a salary or a price for its service/s. This way, the country gets to keep all the monies affiliated with the sales of its oil. In the case of Ghana, however, this idea didn't cross anybody's mind. Our Uncle Tom leaders, in their utter ignorance, went about doing business the wrong way as usual. Unfortunately for our country, they ended up signing deals, which a fool wouldn't even have signed. Kosmos, an Energy and Oil company, holds a 30.875% interest. Anadarko WCTP Company has a 30.875% interest. Tullow Ghana Limited, an affiliate of Tullow Oil plc, has a 22.896% interest. Sabre Oil and Gas Limited has a 1.854% interest in the block. The E.O. Group, a Ghanaian oil and gas company, holds a 3.5% interest in the block. Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) controls a lousy 10% interest.

These Uncle Tom leaders, ever since 1966, have been steering this country like a drunkard behind the wheel. They have been trading a coup for a coup. They see the nation's young men and women leaving the country in search of a better life on foreign shores. Sometimes, to the extent of risking their lives and humiliating themselves. And, what do these Uncle Tom leaders do? Absolutely nothing. They even encourage these young men and women to flee to these foreign places so that they (the Uncle Tom leaders) could live off the remittances. Three years ago, Kufour, Ghana's Uncle Tom ex leader, decided to order a brand new presidential jet plane, a Falcon 900, for the exclusive use of the President. It's estimated that this jet plane would cost Ghanaians millions of dollars when delivered. My question is; what became of the numerous Ghana-airways planes on the ground? Couldn't he have chosen one to serve as a presidential plane? You know, to cut down on the national expenditure. Unquestionably, Ghana is suffering because of these Uncle Tom leaders, who have hijacked the nation's politics to the detriment of the nation. In my opinion, Ghana would never move forward as long as we continue to waste our votes on them.

These Uncle Tom leaders like to call themselves politicians, when they don't even know what a politician is supposed to do. For instance; they are totally ignorant, when it comes to running a country in an orderly fashion. They don't know how to create jobs for the masses. Don't come to them with the idea of city planning because they don't know what that means. Affordable houses to house the masses are a no--no. A welfare system to soft cushion the financial fall of the unemployed until employment is in order is never their priority. As a result, armed robbery is in full swing across the country. Using some of our gross national income to invest on domestication is always an after-thought. An address system, which almost every country in the West happens to have, continues to elude us. Importing less so that we could create more ourselves is an idea left unattended. Our decrepit education system, which is in urgent need of modernization, is looked at with their arms folded. Commodity price control, which the EU applies to creates order in its economy, is left excused in ours. As a result, exploitation of the consumer by our greedy retailers continues unabated.

Sometime ago, somebody asked me; why are we Ghanaians still struggling with all our resources? My answer was; our Uncle Tom leaders, who are supervising a nation of sleepwalkers. Folks, it's time for us to wake up. We have been sleeping for far too long. Patriotism should be our mantra, not political Party devoteeism.