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Opinions of Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Columnist: Akorli, Elikplim

Ghanaians Have No Will

Taking a stroll through town, for an intelligent person, it would feel like the people are dead. Almost the entire citizenry are pretentious. Nobody really wants to take responsibility for his or her actions. Most of the time, people want to appear as “good,” pleasing to the other.

However, what strikes the bone is when a person of objectively developed intellect tries to engage in a conversation and he finds out the answers given in response are confusing and misleading. In this regard, the question of will pops up and one may be triggered to ask if these people are really living, if they know what they are about.

The people, of whose identity lies in their traditions, have bought the Christian religion so cheaply most of them do not even know how to practice it. It has become a toy for experimentation, while the few traditionalists, due to crooked morals, exercise the wisdom of the tradition for negative material and spiritual cause. Ghanaians have become a people neither here nor there, just in the sway of shrilled fantasy, bearing no responsibility at all. Expanding the muddy net of not being able to decide on making choices of real needs, most people copy blindly without thorough investigation and the pride of being Ghanaian; a culture in dismay.

I consider this a bane, for to see a people who do not know what they want is pitiful. With the ‘no will’ attitude as I tag it, vision is buried in treachery, selfishness, deceit, greed, corruption, among the so many other vices. Refreshing my memory, I don’t think since the organization of POSITIVE ACTION by the late Kwame Nkrumah, despite the disguise of democratic elections, a majority of people have clearly taken stand to put the nation first in whatever choice of activity. Government administration is run in elitist trickery. Though one of the elements of governing being transparency, the majority of people have turned deaf ears, a no concern attitude, thus not holding responsible state administrations in order to demand for the best of services. This is what I call “national dishonesty”. If there be a law in the constitution of the republic of Ghana on statesmanship, holding individuals who fail to exercise the civic responsibility of serving as a check on government, 95% of the population would be guilty and deserving punishment.

Ghanaians have no will. However, reminiscing on how the country has been run in the last 11 years and the discoveries made, thus oil for example, one wouldn’t need to think twice to realize that, there is a mysterious force in the favor of this country. Ghana and all other African countries are on the verge of a break through. This breakthrough is however only feasible if the people of the land exercise the will that allows the potential of the force to be tapped. This force is a wave of passing opportunity that has to be taken seriously. The time is now.

By: Elikplim Akorli