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Opinions of Friday, 13 June 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Ghanaians, Are You That Cheap?

I weep for my country Ghana and the people therein. From the perspective of the NDC, concluding from their persistent deplorable attitude to managing the country, with the concomitant obnoxious ramifications of corruption, almost every Ghanaian is a fool to them. With all the glaringly displayed acts of corruption, mismanagement of the economy, pursuance of acts of selective justice, and a host of other instances of abuse of power, the NDC are 100% certain to retain power come 2016.

Their expressed certainty to retaining power, amid their incompetence and how disastrously they have pushed the country to the brink of socio-economic collapse, tells how they view Ghanaians in their mind’s eye. To them, Ghanaians are cheap. Many a Ghanaian can be bought with anything ranging from GHC10.00, a machete, a tin of Geisha, a kilo of rice to the simple narrations of lies about their political rivals, during elections. If not, they should not be expressing such annoying projections but rather, bow down their heads in shame and started preparing for their exit from political limelight.

Yes, with all things pointing to the total failure of the NDC government with their established propensity to collapse the country through utter corruption, ridiculous nepotism and callousness towards the governed, they are still positive to remain in power. How come, if they do not take Ghanaians for granted? The NDC party and government would long have been booted out of power if they were in any other civilized Western world.

Knowing that they can play on the intelligence of many Ghanaians, bait them with one of the minor items listed above and avail themselves of the country’s coffers as and when needed, they can pursue their nonsensical thievery without fear, and still have the audacity to announce that they can win Election 2016 without any obstruction. What an underestimation of our collective intelligence as a people and a nation?

Those that we would otherwise have trusted to liberate the country and the people from the shackles of determined economic slavery, have rather become the bedfellows of the NDC party and government. They are probably on their “secret conscience-buying” payroll.

If Ghanaians are not fools as the NDC have taken us for, then I hope to see palpable reactions from you, before, during and after Election 2016.

Rockson Adofo