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Opinions of Monday, 6 August 2012

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi

Ghanaians Are A Civilised People

December Elections: Ghanaians Are A Civilised People - We Will Not Tolerate A Descent Into Violence & Chaos

By Kofi Thompson

Watching the terrible toll of the fighting in Syria on the civilian population, the built environment and the country's infrastructure, I could not help but feel outraged that there are politicians in Ghana who want to lead our country, yet think nothing of taking our nation to the precipice in that quest.

Do we not have the tragic example of the Ivory Coast to learn from, I ask, dear reader?

Laid low by years of fighting, what was once a regional economic powerhouse, is now a pale shadow of itself - and has years of catching up to do. And all because it was unlucky to be cursed with a short-sighted, narrow-minded and greedy ruling elite.

As we approach the date of the December presidential and parliamentary elections, it is important that ordinary Ghanaians are alerted to the importance of not allowing Ghana to be led down that selfsame path of death and destruction by its ruling elites.

It is a task that ought to be taken up by the professional and patriotic minority in Ghanaian journalism. They it is who man the ramparts of the castle-of-truth in our democracy's fourth branch of government.

They have their work cut out. Surrounded as they are (on their tiny island of truth) by an ocean of yellow journalism, on a daily basis, they will have to navigate heavily polluted waters - choking with flotsam and jetsam: made up of a motley collection of lies, bias, unprofessional conduct and plain criminality.

They have only a few months left to convince ordinary Ghanaians that electoral violence will set their country back decades - and turn their lives upside down for generations.

Above all it must be made clear to Ghana's political class that precipitating a descent into chaos and violence is not an option available to any political party in Ghana.

It is important that patriotic media practitioners expose those politicians who are so power-hungry that they are even prepared to see our nation plunged into violence and chaos, if need be, to achieve the selfish ends they seek.

It is pointless claiming to believe in the rule of law, if mindless violence, instead of the law courts, is the preferred choice of politicians in resolving electoral disputes.

Ghanains are a civilised people. We will not tolerate a descent into violence and chaos - just to satisfy the ambitions of ruthless and greedy politicians.

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