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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Ghanaian Web Comments Sections “Sucks”.

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Ghana has traveled far in terms of freedom of speech and democracy where everyone freely expresses himself on issues concerning the development of the country at any medium.
However, it is sad to observe that the opportunity offered the people by the media by creating comment sections on their websites for the to also have a say on news items reported in their communities are being abused by certain faceless persons for no reason.
On several occasions after having posted my opinion on selected issues on some media websites get ashamed after the reading the flacks some unscrupulous persons post as comments to those opinions.
Although some of the comments are insightful and witty, most of them are nasty and sickening. In fact most of these nasty comments posted on the websites when I read, I feel the urge to destroy the particular media internet because they” sucks” as I have been complaining for some time now.
This is especially the case with Myjoyonline, Peace and Ghana Web readers as I feel hurt to note that a lot of the comments n these websites are mostly compromised of conspiracy theories, sweeping generalizations, random thoughts and nasty venom which if one is suffering from depression must not read.
Other observers like Mr. Arthur Kennedy, former NPP presidential aspirant, who might have also complained that the big part of the problem is that most of the people who post them do not use their real names.
Anyway, writers like me who have been receiving a lot of flacks for expressing my opinions should stop being surprised because if I held their views I would not be able to associate with them either.
Instead, they assume hilarious alter egos like,” don’t care, J.J.Rawlings” and “foot soldier” which I often say to them after reading their comments that they are entitled to their opinions but,” just to vomit up the first thing that comes to mind is about as appealing as well vomiting?.
Truly speaking, they are entitled to their opinions but they should have the humility to understand that no one cares if it is their just their opinion.
If they must simply express themselves but can not formulate an argument, weave a story or be mildly amusing then they should please express themselves by getting Akosua Cartoons and post it on the wall in their bedrooms and leave the rest of us in peace.
For instance, I get that some people do not want to be ruled for another four years under the NDC government or see the NPP government come to power again. That is fine which one is your view but kindly does us a favour by making an actual argument for their defeat or return to power and I can respect that.
But to hide behind names like “don’t care” and insults the president, former president and the NPP presidential candidate describing him as a drug addict. Or hiding behind other unmentioned names and attack writers like me for expressing our opinions on issues is not just plain embarrassing but also “sucks”.
Once again readers should permit me to complain to owners of these aforementioned Ghanaian media websites that the insults are too much especially where certain people use hard local unaccepted words like “aboa,kwasia” and many more.
At the same time, I will like to commend Modern Ghana operators for remaking job done where such comments are never entertained on their websites. Someone should prompt the National Media Commission to move into action in ensuring that webmasters clean the system.
Until this is done, Ghanaian Web comment sections will continue to drip with poisonous venom of comments from readers which could spark of a civil strive one day. Some websites comments “really sucks”.