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Opinions of Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Columnist: Abdul Rahaman Osuman

The ‘David’ again: Isaac Kwame Asiamah

Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah

Once again the appointees of the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (Ministers) have been assessed by the voters/electorates/Ghanaians on their duties/responsibilities/services assigned to them by the President on behalf of the people of our beloved country, Ghana. This time, a credible, popular and integrity-based institution in Ghana undertook the exercise.

This institution is the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana. The Premier University. The institution sent its assessors to collate data/information on the performance of the appointees.

The purpose/objective: was to assess the performance of the Ministers under the leadership/government of Nana Akufo-Addo. At the end of the assessment, one young Minister, who heads one of the most scrutinized Ministry in the governance of our country, the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah was among the ten (10) best performing Ministers.

Ironically, the Minister who has a meagre resource (budget) compared to Education, Agric, Health, Energy, Foreign Affairs, Roads, Railway Development, Interior, Defense, Trade and Industry et al. But the industrious Minister Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah has effectively and efficiently been managing this limited resource very well to bring development, growth and success to the Ministry.

So far, we have seen what he does in the development of youth and the promotion of sports (infrastructure, unearthing of talents et al). My observation of the ‘David’ (Isaac Asiamah) among the best performing Ministers is that he relates very well to all, both his staff and non-staff, he is team player, a good listener, very inquisitive, believes in his staff and above non-discriminatory in his approach to all.

He came to the Ministry to meet almost all the staff including the top level management, middle level and the low level management. He never called for the transfer of any of them. He works with them without any imposition.

And he still does that. I remember, a friend uttered to him that his current Secretary had served the previous Minister in the previous NDC Government, therefore it would not be safe for him to keep her in his office, his answer was that her working with the previous Minister/administration meant nothing to him. She is a civil servant and her duty is to serve the nation not individual or political parties. As I write this piece, the secretary is still at post serving him.

That is a mark of a distinguished Ghanaian. Non-discrimination. He thinks about the nation first, Not individuals or their political /partisan/tribal beliefs, I entreat all to emulate such traits. We should believe and trust ourselves not always looking at the political lenses or tribal angles of people we work with.

Distinguished Sports Journalist like venerable Kwabena Yeboah has praised his dedication, commitment and industry in the promotion of Youth matters and Sports Development. He does not discriminate. He pushes for the elevation of lesser known sports. He relates very well with the officials at his Ministry, Agencies under his purview, sports media/personalities, members of the public, party and non-party persons.

For a Sports Minister, with meagre resource to always perform excellently and rubbing shoulders with widely publicized and well-resourced Ministers like those mentioned earlier in this piece is very commendable and he must be celebrated. I am sure the Youth advocates and Sports analysts, commentators, journalists and critics are celebrating because their Sector Minister is raising their ‘flag’ high that is ‘the sports flag’.

Hon. Asiamah, more grease to your elbow. Keep up with the good work. Continue to be a good listener, a team-player and a confident builder. I am told you are an Anglican. I will like you to continue serving your Creator in all endeavors. Commit yourself to Him; (Your Creator) always. He will never forsake you. Believe in Him and Trust Him.

It must be noted that this is the second time the Hon. Minister has been voted by Ghanaians to be among the best performing Ministers of President Nana Akufo-Addo. About four months ago, a similar research was conducted by another recognized research institution was conducted and he was as stated, included in the ten best performing Ministers. The consistency must be applauded by all.

Once again congratulations the “David” of the day (Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah) as we say in our local parlance, “You do all”.