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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Columnist: Biney, Stephen A.

Ghana's democracy at the crossroads

I have been following the developments of Ghana's democracy in the fourth republic. I can confidently say that there have been some remarkable democratic achievements. These heights were chalked through the full participation of all the political parties.

However, it is gloomy to say that Ghana's democratic credentials is at the crossroads. As we all know in democratic indulgence, the opposition parties serve as the watchdog on the ruling government's agenda. The opposition parties have a duty to oppose government effort if the oppositions think that government programs does not benefit the society.

This brings to the point that if the oppositions can not put their acts together, how can they hold the government in check?

With the unending internal bickering, sabotage, disunity, squabbling in the largest opposition party in Ghana the NEW PATROTIC PARTY (NPP), (NPP) is doing disservice to Ghana's adolescent democracy. I say this because instead of NPP helping to nurture Ghana's embryonic democracy, NPP is fighting among themselves.

For the sake of Ghana's fledging democracy, NPP stop the infighting, backbiting, tribulations and fussing, and marshal all your efforts toward the betterment of Ghana by helping the ruling NDC govern Ghana. From the eyes of Ghanaians, the NPP is the only alternative to NDC. So NPP, Ghana first.

NPP do not let Ghanaians down. Ghanaians are watching and all the parties will account for their stewardships and decision will be made come 2016 based on their accounts. Ghanaians do not want one party system of government.

Ghana's political image is at stake. NDC, NPP and other opposition parties please Ghana is the only place we have. ( Sye wo se akye nye wo dea, eh?aa na wotafro) . Do not lead Ghana into degeneration.

In conclusion, in the face of the NPP infighting; and NDC thinking they are riding high, both parties must not forget that when the rain falls, it does not falls in one man's house. (Oguan se ?syei abonten h? nanso na onim se ?syei nedua hun nso).

Unfortunately, the disadvantage Ghanaians are at the receiving end. Let all of us find the common solutions to both our political and economic emancipations for the benefit of our people. Thus, when people work closely together society benefits.

We have only one indistinguishable Ghana. Ghanaians are tired of the political deceptions and dishonesties. Politicians through your eyes and love for Ghana, please look into the future and lay a good foundation for generations to come.

The hopes and aspirations of Ghanaians of enduring democracy are becoming disillusioned and hopelessness. As there is no strong leadership from both political spectrums. Ghanaians are lamenting for salvation and languishing in impoverishment jail, so politicians wake up from your slumbers and give us deliverance . Thank you and God bless Ghana.


Stephen A. Biney (U.S.A)