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Opinions of Sunday, 5 August 2012

Columnist: Fosu, John

Asantehene is playing God in a very bad way

Many an intelligent, honest and dedicated Ashanti conversant with the Ashanti history is peeved of the mishandling of chieftaincy issues in areas under the jurisdiction of the Asante Overlord, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. They wonder how and when Otumfuo found his new powers to disregard Asante's procedural custom and tradition in place for chieftaincy conflict resolution with impunity. He has adopted that bizarre authoritarian attitude of, "I am the overlord of the people and the land, I can do whatever I want as and when I want, without anyone able to challenge me. I will call cases brought before Asanteman Council for deliberation, arbitration and delivery of verdict on my own terms, at my convenience and purpose regardless of the concerns of whomever" I see this as absolutely preposterous and abuse of power of the highest degree on the part of the Asante Overlord.

He had better note no condition is permanent. Better still, he must be aware that when you push even an animal to a tight corner, it eventually musters courage to fight back. Does this not explain why some snakes, especially the spitting black cobra, are said to turn on their human pursuers when they realise they have no choice but to fight back to save themselves from imminent or possible harm or death? This is the natural instinctive law of action and reaction. Common sense dictates that he cannot get away with his abusive posture forever.

Much as I detest with inexpressible vehemence the intentional nonchalance, callousness and disrespectfulness in exhibition by the Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Asante Overlord, I totally disagree with one thing. That one thing is the idea of people mooting to serve him a petition when he goes to England in which they will copy the English queen. What has the English queen to do with Ghana chieftaincy disputations where an overly venerated opportunistic traditional overlord is bullying his subjects? It is irresponsible to run to the Whites for solutions to our teeming problems all the time. We must seek means to deal with our Ghanaian traditional problems locally.

The Adansi people who feel the Asante Overlord has denied them a paramount chief for far too long should rather confront him for answers. They should not resort to any cowardly acts by somehow cleverly informing the English queen of the situation. Although they will be able to embarrass him by any such action, I am afraid it will not effect the desired changes they seek as long as he is resolutely determined to behave dismally pray the Kumawus will pile pressure on him to rethink his plans. He should not think God would continually allow him to mistreat the poor people of Kumawuman just for the sake of his libidinal relationship with Kumawuhemaa. As stupid as the Kumawuhemaa and Kumawu krontihene are to let go the Stool lands of Kumawuman just for achieving their parochial interests, they have acquiesced wholeheartedly in the secret plans by Asantehene.

I will stress to Asantehene again that Kumawuhemaa has an unpalatable history. I hope Asantehene will take time to read about the history of the supposed Kumawu Ankaase royals. He will discover how they sneaked themselves into the Kumawu paramountcy. She is not any true royal, as the history will reveal.

I finally remind Asantehene to be conscious of the value of "Asantehene Ntamkese" and its relevance to conflict resolution when invoked. Why has he allowed Kumawuhemaa to roam freely about as though nobody has invoked any oath on her head? How long is he going to take to hear let alone rule on the Kumawu case? The last time I double-checked my history books and memory, he had not even an iota of control over Kumawu and he dare not to as it carries calamitous consequences.

All the attempts so far made to subjugate the people of Kumawuman, reduce their Stool land size are all gimmicks.

For the information of my readers, I am not rude but find it difficult to accommodate people who take others for fools. I also tell the truth by speaking up my mind without the feel of having shackles of slavery on my mind. I think independently. I will castigate whoever seeks by direct or indirect means to enslave Kumawuman people. Have I stepped too hard on a toe? If yes, then I say, "you aren't seen nothing yet"

John Fosu