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Opinions of Monday, 16 July 2012

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi

Ghana's Oil: Questions Raised By Think-tank Imani Are ....

... In The National Interest

By Kofi Thompson

If like Botswana the self-interest of our ruling elites wouldn't enter the equation, Ghana could prosper by signing the kind of equal partnership win-win agreement, which Botswana has with De Beers - to exploit its natural resources: especially Ghana's oil and natural gas deposits.

If that had been done when what some critics describe as "those one-sided oil agreements" were signed with companies like Tullow Oil and Kosmos Energy, would Ghana not be earning more from what after all are depleting assets?

It is instructive that Tullow Oil, for example, was happy to sign the "monkey-dey-work-baboon-dey-chop" agreement it has with the Canadian energy company, Africa Oil, in East Africa.

Perhaps Ghana can learn a thing or two from that particular agreement.

In the light of all the above, Ghanaians must thank the think-tank Imani, for raising questions about the Jubilee oilfield's production figures and revenue projections that are far below actuals. (

They are right to do so - and are showing their sense of patriotism in so doing. They are helping to protect the national interest - and definitely deserve our gratitude. Those who now rule our country must shed more light on all the issues raised by Imani. A word to the wise...

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