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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

Ghana's Meaningless Independence

At last the flaming sun has set
With its golden rays across the sky
The colonial reign has ended
The battle is over and done
The lost has been found
Ghana the beloved is free
Free from the shackles of her taskmasters
Free from the sadness of her yesterday
Into a new born day

At last a people united
A people of destiny
United for a common cause
Guided by the Black stars
Motivated to be greater than great
Poised to make a bold statement to the world
That the Black man is shinning
That the Black man is capable of his own affairs
That the Black man is nobody's fool

At last freedom is here
But its glory would soon fade
Its taste would be bitter
There shall be confusion upon the land
Power would corrupt
Unity would be forsaken
A husband would steal from his wife
Parents would steal from their own children
Pastors would steal from God
The sound of poverty would be deafening

At last Ghana is independent
But independent from what
Independent to be free
Or free to be dependent
Independence without job employment is meaningless
Independence without money in your pocket is meaningless
Independence with all these sufferings is meaningless
It's safe to say that
Ghana's independence
Has become truly meaningless