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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

Ghana owes us$ 37.68 billion not us$24 billion

It is sad that our President is telling us that our country owes US$24 billion but not US$ 37 billion as people are exaggerating, there is no iota of truth about that.

According to CIA library or fact-book that I visited yesterday, it was written that Ghana's debt has reached US$37.68 Billion.

There is nothing like mere speculation or exaggeration as the president is saying because may be CIA got that information from International financial institutions that have been helping the government with loans so it would be very accurate.

It is a shame that such huge amount of money has been collected from all angles, yet there have been no improvements in our lives.

Our Cedi has depreciated by over 300% against the hard currencies, trainees allowances have been removed, government cannot meet its statutory payments, our graduates are jobless and hospitals are collapsing, after over US$30 billion has been received by President Manama and his government.

Out of that huge amount of money, only US$ 2 billion would have been sufficient to set up 550 companies across the country to absorb our unemployed graduates.

Ghana imports almost everything including chalks, sacks and toot- picks, this is very shameful.

The president should give us an undoubted stewardship as the constitution requires and stop throwing dust into our eyes.

God bless us.