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Opinions of Thursday, 10 May 2012

Columnist: Transient Justice

Ghana is 100 percent Akan

I am going to keep this short and simple. Due to the Akan Expansion in Ghana every Ethnic group(North to South) if they do a serious analysis will find they have some Akan ancestry. Can we please move beyond the politics of ethnicity and focus on issues? Kennedy Agyapong's statements were inflammatory and offensive but, so were the action of Nii Lante Vanderpuye . My question to both of them is how dare you? Who do you think you are? If both of you think you are strong wait till you meet someone like me! Friendly warning, keep it clean!

Let's all admit the reality of dirty Ghanaian politics. Everybody knows that the NDC in order to win needs to create a situation where it is everybody versus Akans(to secure their base) while having an Akan puppet(Atta Mills) working for the NDC interest. Everybody knows that in order for the NPP to win it must consolidate the Akan vote and gain votes from other ethnic families in all regions of Ghana. These things are manifested in 2012 by actions like the new Ga-Ewe alliance which is a fake one to win elections driven by wicked politicians on poor people who could use some of that money politicians stole!! The theft of 50 million dollars by Woyome which seems to be getting swept under the carpet by this criminal administration is the most sickening money grab in the history of this country and is an example of money that could have been used to develop the regions these politicians are posturing to.

When one looks at the infant mortality in this country the theft by Woyome must be deemed the most treasonable crime committed and it is equivalent to killing 50,000 children(the amount of children who failed to reach their 5th birthday in Ghana last year) if found guilty as the evidence seems to clearly point to the amount must be paid back with interest. It is time to stop the childish politics and get back to the issues. The biggest issue in this election should be the economy and corruption.

I would like to know, why is the oil industry not transparent? What is the revenue that we have been getting? What have the oil companies made? Why are we producing a pathetic 70,000 barrels a day? When are we going to produce a significant amount? What is taking so long?

Ghana was the fastest growing economy in the world in 2011(not due to the NDC or NPP) but, due to oil and other things. The last thing we need in Ghana is to open the room for outsiders to interfere in Ghana's internal affairs. While people are arguing over these dumb things foreigners are stealing the Ghanaian heritage (oil, gold, an other things). If Ghanaians can focus the country is on pace to be a economic power in west Africa to do so will not be easy but, will require all 25 million of us to be focused on a common agenda.

Remember, if Ghana is destroyed all of us will suffer. In the 1980's when Ghana was at its worst condition Nigeria deported 1000’s (millions?) of Ghanaians back to Ghana after humiliating them, in my view in order for them to die!! After all, the economy of Ghana was very bad then(no need to get into the history of us doing something similar in 1969). What is most important is, after 25 years of hard work if we've managed to get it back on track thus, why destroy it again to go get humiliated there and elsewhere the region? Do those making all these noises have any dignity? If Ghana burns Ghanaians will receive only humiliation and disgrace. Stop the childish behavior and get back to the politics of issues.

To summarize due to history we are largely the same people something which very few countries have achieved and something which has largely prevented ethnic wars. That is, it has made ethnic wars impossible. Let’s cherish that and unite to build a stronger state where Ghana will be able to be great again as was the case in the 1960's. Anything less will be a huge shame. To the politicians, your individual ambitions will never trump the power of the masses and there are many of us in the background who are willing to die martyr to keep the system we have now in place and help Ghana develop into a prosperous country. If you are not willing to be part of this future get out of the way.