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Opinions of Monday, 11 March 2019

Columnist: Michael Ofori-Yeboah

Ghana beyond aid indeed

Its 3 am now and I can't sleep because of the heat. My light went off on that night we say we were celebrating Ghana's 62nd anniversary.

It came back for just 2 hours and "fui" again. Let me take you back a little, the NDC government wanted to sell ECG and NPP, then in opposition lambasted them said all kind of things. Today 'Mr. We Have the Men' finally sells it if you like sold a portion of it and made it effective on the 1st of March, some few days to the 62nd independence day of the state.

Since 2012 after my national service, I have been struggling my way to get employment but to no avail. Let's say I am a lazy person that's why I couldn't find a job. I tried doing small businesses here and there too there's no light to keep it going.

There is always a rise in the exchange rate because the products produced here are not durable but expensive. This has, therefore, increase in importation.

I have not been practising journalism because anytime you write or tell the truth in this country you will be tagged to a political party. My fear today has come through, a senior journalist today is the spokesperson to the government. You can imagine how he will put information to be public.

We live in a state where it’s a waste of time and money to go to school just because you will end up in the house to be fed by the same parents you are to take off after school. They say there's no work but yet their children, family and friends find vacancies all the time in the same area of work.

Let's say they have better grades than us.

The question is couldn't we have saved all those sums of money wasted in school to do our own businesses and succeeded? I can say on authority that if you take the politicians out the richest you will find in this country I a businessman with no certificate and has employed a graduate with the best of certificates. Then we ask again was it a waste of time in the classroom?

The president in his address on 6th March said we should tour the country instead of Dubai. How funny it sounds, you are always travelling out of your beloved country and you expect us to say here.

Leadership by example they say.

I know my NDC friends will be excited to see this piece laugh out loud and say 'abi you say you wanted a change and u have it’.

Yes, I wanted a change from the old way of governing and unfortunately, I voted for the same way but different persons. I am not ashamed I voted NPP into power but I will be ashamed if I can't tell the truth about where to state is heading to.

It's funny how we make things look like when we complain as citizens, all we hear is 'Free SHS' as a defence to all the hardships in the state. Another question then is 'will Ghana be like the other countries you don't want us to go to?'

I won't say we have nothing as a state, but much could be done and little peace we are enjoying is also fading that is why security has become a problem for us as a state.