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Opinions of Friday, 7 March 2014

Columnist: Amenga-Etego

Ghana at 57 - let's see our leaders in the mirror not on Television

At 57 I see Ghana's biggest problem is a cultural one. The 'dominant society' has a grotesque grip on our minds.

We have an identity crisis..not everyone will agree - of course!

Our lives are driven by the 'popular culture', which obviously is a different people's 'national culture' packaged and delivered on the platform of globalization in a so - called liberalized new world market order..

It now seem at 57 that the founders of our nation took no concrete steps to protect our cultural heritage, and carve a national cultural identity . If that were done, perhaps, Ghana will be exporting things of culture, of value, rather than being perpetual importers of all things including other people's national cultures.

The protection and promotion of Our national culture and identity was disregarded at the foundation of our nationhood.

It now even seem to some that our problems as a nation are insurmountable insofar as they are linked to our 'borrowed culture' or acquired tastes.

How can we for example, expect the Ghana cedi to appreciate when we don't eat our own locally produced rice in our homes - less 'they' call us 'uncivilized'?

Who are 'they'? The 'dominant society'. Pop culture says those who wish to be seen as 'cool' are those who eat so called perfumed rice from Texas - USA or from Thailand in the absence of the American brand.

Sadly, at 57,we don't even agree among ourselves as to what exactly our problem is, as a nation. Some prefer to blame our leaders. Yes, blame them all you can, they are also victims.

My solution is that at 57, we must demystify leadership. We must stop looking for leadership on the television or the radio. You can only expect misdirection from a prostitute mainstream media that serve as the vehicle for the same values passed on to us by the western style dominant society.

When I think about it, if I can't lead myself, who can lead me? Leadership starts from the individual directing his own thoughts..his own tastes..his own actions..his own choices..

At 57, Let us see our leaders from the mirror, not the TV.

Happy Independence Anniversary to all my compatriots! Be a Black star where ever you find yourself on the planet at this moment of truth.

Amenga-Etego Akaabitono SaCut - a political journalist, broadcaster & ghost writer.