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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Columnist: Baba, Abdul R

Ghana at 56, a time to rise

I would like to dedicate this year’s Independence Day to the heroes of our country and all activists of social change in the world. It certainly did not happen as easily as we celebrate it each year. Many lives were lost and sacrificed so that we can have what we are celebrating today; heroes like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah shall always be remembered for what they did for our country.

It is important to add that, without the undying belief and strength of those who followed in leadership after Dr. Nkrumah’s time, our country would not be what it is today. I commend all our political leaders from Dr. Nkrumah to President Mahama. I cannot mention all the names of these great men and women of change but what I can do is to acknowledge every bit of effort displayed by these people of greatness to get us to where we are now. Their sacrifices were not vain.

The question what have to ask ourselves is that, are we really independent after 56 years of breaking free from the chains of colonisation?

This day of March 6 gives me the privilege and honor to celebrate a different class of great men of change in our society such as Mr. Roland Agambire, CEO of rlg communications, Dr. Patrick Awuah, President and founder of Asheshi University, just to mention a few who truly are exemplars of Independence and provide hope and restoration to Ghana and Africa. Mr. Roland Agambire just launched a 10 billion dollar project to build “Hope City” (to be completed in three years) in Ghana, two day prior to our country’s 56th birthday. Despite his rugged and daunting beginnings he is able to break through all barriers through determination and hard work.

Dr. Awuah had a very successful career at Microsoft in the USA, where he could have chosen to stay but he rather had a different mindset, he knew he was needed more in Ghana and Africa and gave up his job at Microsoft to return to Ghana where and founded Ashesi University College which trains ethical entrepreneurial African leaders.

As said by the former American President, John F. Kennedy: “ask not your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. To all Ghanaians of all classes, I think we should try to make a difference in our country in own small ways. We should use our “Independence” - freedom from control, influence, support, aid, or the like or simply the practice of self-governance, to change the status-quo as being demonstrated by Mr. Agambire and Dr. Awuah.

The activities of both slavery and colonisation have created deep and lasting negative effects on the African continent and its people. As a result of these negative effects on our culture, we have been engineered to think and feel entitled. We always rely on government to do it all for us. We have to understand that it will require the efforts and contribution of all Ghanaians to make Ghana a better place. I am a strong advocate of change with particular focus on the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. I hope to call to the attention of the youth to use our 21st century heroes as role model and instill discipline and hard work in themselves for the challenges of the future ahead. May God continue to bless Ghana and unite us in peace and prosperity.

Written By: Abdul R Baba, Atlanta, USA. President of “Youth In Action” (