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Opinions of Thursday, 18 June 2015

Columnist: Nkunim, Yaw

Ghana: Rebirth of the Golden Nation

The next two years, 2016 and 2017 are very critical years for Ghana, the Golden Land. Whether by birth or self-crafted, greatness upon this Golden country is a definite fact. Geographically, Ghana is the center of the earth. Politically, Ghana is the first born of the Black Nation. CPP, the enviable brand of political parties is once again alive. Achimota School, the fundamental educational institution is undergoing monumental metamorphosis. The world’s Golden Stool is very much part of Ghana’s history and destiny. Ghana was the gateway for the continental path of a total eclipse in Six Thousand years. Historically and literally, Ghana means Gold.

The above lines could not be a collective attribute to an ordinary country, but one of a great greatness. Ghana’s national team is the Black Stars. Our coat of arms are the Golden Eagle and the Star. Our national flag is the Golden Green with the projected Black Star. Like its great attributes, Ghana is also heroically scarred. The Cape Coast, Elmina and Christianborg Castles monumentally rest at the coastal shores. The history of the Military Museum in Kumasi and the famous Salaga Market up North also bear great testimonies. The 1966, 72, 79 and 1981 coups, culminating in the current Fourth Republic are loaded with deep scars of our wilderness. The 1983 famine is also one of our sub stories.

Achimota School will be Ninety years in 2017. Ghana attains Sixty years in the same 2017. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the retrogressive coup against the CPP Independence Government. Akosombo Dam also marks Fifty years in 2016. 2016 is coincidentally, a major election year for Ghana. 2016 is a decade anniversary of the spectacular heavenly blessing for the total eclipse. The foundation stone of the ‘Stool’ of Flagstaff House also will be a decade old in 2016. Ghana is currently at its lowest ebb in the socio-economic and political sectors. We have acute energy crisis. The icing of these stressing challenges is a critical leadership vacuum across board in Ghana.

Achimota is a purposely conceived educational institution to groom both boys and girls all over Africa into great leadership. Achimota’s ideals include "the best minds and bodies which God has given us. An equal opportunity for girls with boys in education". Very importantly "respect for all that is of true and lasting value in the old African Culture, Beliefs and Ways". CPP is a vehicle for politically projecting Ghana and African Culture. Its ideals are Pan Africanism, Socialism, Self-reliance and the Green flag. It has succeeded with political independence for Africa. Pending is the economic independence. Ghana is the Golden son of Africa. We are the leading charter for the Black World. Our symbols are the Black Star, the Eagle and the Golden Green flag.

Stars come out at night for a brilliance of guidance. Like the eagle nation that we are, manifested in our coat of arms, Ghana is currently between the darkness of this lowest ebb and the brightly shining great future of the great promise. The eagle after thirty years becomes weak, its beak, claws, feathers and wings are virtually nonfunctional. At this stage, it must decide between death and the tortuous painstaking regrowth of its beak, claws, feathers and wings, having plucked off all the non-functional weak accessories. The right choice of renewal makes the eagle live over forty more glorious years. Its renewed power after the brutal experience is an awesome phenomenon.

Ghana, as the eagles and stars that we are , must grab the opportunity of the general elections in 2016 to make that critical u-turn from this mediocre and chaotic existence. All it takes are Mind Renewal, (Sakra) Unity and Hard Work. We must assume the awesome responsibility for the golden era of nationhood. We must lead the Black World into the kingly state of the center of the world. It will not be easy, but it surely will be worth it in every respect. When Ghana renews his mind, united and ready for hard work of excellence, the new day of great promise shall be meaningfully awesome. When we subsequently reconnect to the whole Black Nation, Nkrumah’s greatest words, 'the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent' shall be fulfilled.

With this fulfillment shall Ethiopia stretch forth her hands to the heavens and be refreshed with awesome power for the rebirth of the Golden Civilization ever! Nkunim woho mayen!! God bless Africa!!!