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Opinions of Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Columnist: Fekpe, Charles Kofi

Ghana On The Road To Jerusalem

By Charles Kofi Fekpe

So, the Government of Ghana wants to spend $600K on a pilgrimage to the Wailing wall in Jerusalem. I can understand why Ghanaians are crying out loud. I do.

Inasmuch as I am a strong believer in the Jewish faith and Abrahamic (in this particular case, Solomonic) mysteries and covenants, I do think we need to carefully explore some realities.

Personally, I believe sending 7 genuinely true men of God to pray and write the country’s prayer needs on the wailing-wall in Jerusalem is equally as effective as sending 200 or a 10,000, so I guess the question the Government should be answering is, “what is the justification for the 200 being sponsored”

Secondly, if all these is stemming from advice that has been given to the president based on 2 Kings 8:41-43, then I suggest to the President that there is a better option to locking Ghana into the covenant and that whoever advised him spiritually has “short-changed” him. He should ask himself why countries like Britain and US no matter their failings will never collapse? Because they are the 2 biggest supporters of Israel. If the president is to get ONE response to ONE prayer, then yes, he can send a team to Israel to pray (but certainly NOT 200 of them). If he is looking to lock Ghana into the Abrahamic blessings, then he should consider giving a token seed to Israel every year and it certainly won’t cost him $600K. Or better still, invite the Israelis into business partnerships with Ghana. That way, we still enjoy the blessings of Abraham but also enjoy shared profits and development. (Genesis 12:3 -7). How about asking the whole nation, Muslims and Christians alike to fast and pray for the country for just one day? Don’t you think there is scope in that, for a larger number of men and women with genuine hearts, that God will listen to? And don’t you think Ghanaians individually know their problems and pains more than the 200 men you are sending off to pray?

I thank God for those advising the president on Spiritual matters but someone needs to explain to him that he has a choice between having ONE prayer answered at the Jerusalem Wall and plugging the country into A LIFETIME of blessings.

Having said all these, I’d like to make the president aware that as a country, God has blessed us beyond imagination. Our problem, I don’t believe has anything to do with our our prayers to God or NOT. It has to do with US as a people. It has to do with our GREED and our INEFFICIENCIES. The earlier we recognize that, the better for us all. We are now behaving like Moses who had “the rod of God” in his hands and getting to the red sea, is still turning to God and asking God, what should I do?

Here is a piece of advice to our President: How about trying something as simple as looking through all senior Government appointments and ask yourself 2 questions: (1) Are the people appointed considerably knowledgeable in their sector of appointment? And (2) What achievements have they demonstrated outside politics

It certainly is not an easy thing running a whole country but if you put yourself forward for the post, you obviously believe you can get the job done, so stop creating excuses and diversions and get on with the job – I employed you at the end of the day.

I am not saying the president shouldn’t send a delegation to pray in Israel, but what I am also saying is this: 1 Timothy 5:8 : “But if anyone provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel”

How does the government justify spending that much money for travel arrangements when electricity load being shed daily represents enough electricity needed to power 5 whole regions. How do you justify spending that much when mothers are delivering their babies on hospital floors. How do you justify that spending when the country still has debts unpaid and children are still on the streets and have nowhere to sleep at night.

In conclusion, I don’t think Ghanaians a angry because of the need for prayer to be offered in Jerusalem on behalf of the country. I think Ghanaians are angry because in their suffering, the government has disrespected their human needs and insulted their spiritual intelligence.

An entire family, has surrendered to you their share of the nation’s resources in the hope that you will use a part to make their lives better today, and the other part to invest for the future of their children. Yet on a daily basis, they live in need, you have put them in debt, and with no hope for the future of their children. Tell me Mr President, how do you expect such a family to react when you tell them, “the remainder of their share of the national resources will be used to pray for them” HOW DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO FEEL?

Ghana is a blessed country - stop making it look like our inefficiencies are resulting from unanswered prayers from God.