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Opinions of Monday, 11 July 2011

Columnist: The Emperor

Ghana Needs To Take A Cue From China!!!

Nobody saw it coming, not even imperialistic America or Europe. In fact, nobody expected that the Chinese would take over the global market. For years, the capitalists propagated the false notion that communism was a failure. Socialism was battered to the ground! The collapse of the Soviet Union, more or less, sent a signal to the world that communism was over and done. After the demise of the Soviet Union, everybody was expecting countries like China, Cuba and North Korea to follow suit. It was a miscalculation! Contrary to popular belief, the Soviet Union didn’t collapse because of communism. This is a myth, which has become legendary! The country collapsed, when it failed to be a communist country. Meaning, as opposed to taking care of the people, the Soviet leaders became military centred. Rather than attending to the needs of the people, they were more interested in creating weapons and sophisticated war machines. In short, they were more interested in becoming a world military super power than anything else. As consequence, billions, if not trillions of dollars, went into the arms race with the United States.

One day, to their utter surprise, the Soviets woke up to discover that they had more weapons than bread to eat. The Soviet leaders, as opposed to minding the Soviet economy, had left it in neglect. Poverty quickly ensued due to the absence of money in the dysfunctional Soviet economy. Most naturally, something had to give. Thus, the beginning of the fall of the mighty Soviet empire. In comparison to the Soviet Union, the Chinese were interested in creating an economy, which would engulf the whole world. From the word go, the Chinese had but one agenda. Global economic domination! And the question was; how do we go about achieving this? A country, which cannot market itself, is doomed! So, what did the Chinese do? Well, they began sending their sons and daughters to the West to learn. Mind you, not to learn about the Western culture, or its so-called democracy and capitalist system. Absolutely not! These brilliant students were sent to learn how to manufacture what’s bought and sold in the West. So that, upon their return, these students could manufacture these commodities in China. How brilliant!

Today, the results speak for themselves. The Chinese have done the unthinkable. They are in the forefront of the global market-economy. Monies are coming from the four corners of the Earth! Also, noticeably, Chinese banks are lending monies to countries in need, including the mighty United States. Yes, the mighty United States, which helped cripple Ghana’s economy. Cuba’s economy wasn’t left spared! Imperialistic America came after Dr Nkrumah and Fidel Castro for pursing scientific socialism, a close relative of communism! Now, the same United States, which ridiculed communism, is at the feet of communist China begging for a hand-out. Isn’t it something? Those hypocrites! Call it the fall of the mighty! What China has achieved with its global market-economy isn’t a miracle! No! It’s called strategic planning embedded in scientific socialism. China’s success can be copied! For that matter, anything can be copied. This is a given! Ghana can copy this formula successfully. Yes, she can! However, the country would have to unite under a one party system and strategically plan out its future.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to the ideology of multipartyism. It divides a people behind political lines! Very dangerous! It’s a voting system with a potential to destabilize any country. Ivory Coast should ring a bell! Also, Nana Akuffo Addo’s infamous all-die-be-die statement should be a cause for worry. He seems to crave political power to peace. Very disturbing, indeed! Let’s be wise. Let’s take a cue from the Chinese. The Chinese don’t subscribe to the notion of multipartyism. No! They have one political party in which a person’s brilliance and expertise earn him/her a vote and a seat in parliament. Call it what you want! The Chinese don’t allow division to stand in the way of progress! Very clever! As far as China’s economy is concerned, the less said, the better. The Chinese have proven to the world that a nation doesn’t have to practice multipartyism to be economically successful. Again, they have proven to the world that western democracy and development don’t necessarily go hand in hand. It’s all about common sense! So, why are we wasting our time? Can anybody tell me?

PS: This column will be my last for Ghana-web.
Goodbye, and thanks 4 the years!

The Emperor