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Opinions of Friday, 10 June 2011

Columnist: Dabie, Michael Yaw

Ghana Needs More Biochemists

The questions that come to mind when there is a problem with research and findings in Ghana are that, do we have biochemists? And if we have, how many and what are they doing to save our nation? Biochemists are identified with studying biological problems and applying the appropriate techniques to solve such problems at the molecular level.

I personally think that habitually resorting to elsewhere for almost everything we need, while young and energetic Ghanaian scientists endowed with knowledge including myself could have started doing something about is disheartening and unbelievable. Even though a lot has not been done but one has to start from somewhere and we are responsible. As it is said “Rome was not built in a day” by adding to the number and with a concerted effort all together, it will come to a time when Ghana too can rely on her citizens to solve approximately all her own problems and even sell the technology she has to others to boost the economy.

Among few of the functions of biochemists are; research into biotechnology leading to the production of human insulin, medical diagnosis, genetic counseling, forensic science (DNA fingerprinting) and other functions include; studying of diseases, food and metabolism, growth and ageing and also the three dimensional structure of biomolecules just to mention a few.

As upcoming scientists, looking forward to see Ghana in the next decade in producing almost all her own drugs, foods and establish more of her own industries and factories, I therefore urge all upcoming biochemists and other colleague scientists to remember that this is our time to effect significant positive and transformational change in Ghana.

With the government financial support for research, scholarship awards for students and our own interventions, I shall not be surprised when Ghana serves other nations with her scientific and technical know -how in the nearest future. Who knows? It may take only one person to turn Ghana around into the next United States of American or the United Kingdom or the next GHANAIAN Nobel Prize Winner.

Dabie Michael Yaw

Department Of Biochemistry

University Of Ghana.