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Opinions of Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Columnist: Prince Botwe

Ghana Gospel: Is it that bad?

Gospel music in Ghana has taken a different twist in our current dispensation. The genre which is meant to encourage, preach the good news and ultimately win souls for Christ has turned into innuendo casting grounds.

I grew up to a magnificent tune of gospel from the likes of Mary Gansah, Daughters of glorious Jesus, Suzzy and Matt, Francis Adjei, Soul Winners, McAbraham, Jane and Bernice just to name a few. These are the people who raised the standard of gospel music in the country.

Without a shred of doubt, money wasn’t their priority. That was why healing and deliverance become part and parcel of their ministration.

However, the current crop of gospel musicians are money conscious and can go the extra miles of lying about their fellow gospel artist just to win the favor of the masses. Christians now struggle to differentiate between gospel music and highlife or hiplife.

Why? Because the current genre of gospel music is no different from that of the worldly songs. So sad and worrying that praises and worship leader unknowingly sings worldly songs in church. That is how diabolic the issue has become.

Today, we have gospel musicians who sing worldly songs and they make it seem as though it is normal. Lots of people have expressed their displeasure about the current development.

“At present, our gospel music is full of comic words, instead of propagating the good news, they rather encourage sin” a driver at Kaneshie Market held.

“I don’t see it as having any spiritual backing. It is full of shouting and it doesn’t make sense. It is more or less like a competition. Notwithstanding, there are some that make sense though” a lady opined.

Most people share similar views about the trend of gospel music in Ghana. Speaking to a praise and worship leader about the trend, he was quick to register his disappointment.

“Anytime you want to speak the truth, you are tagged as “against” but the truth must be told.

According to him: “gospel music today has lost its effectiveness. There is no power in the songs we sing at church nowadays. We are only enthused by the beat and the noise from the music. It is very off-putting and very pathetic.

There are few however, who are still projecting the ideas of the old folks. Joe Mettle, OJ, Sonnie Badu, Uncle Ato, Noble Nketiah, Selina Boateng are no exceptions when it comes to composing and singing unadulterated gospel songs.