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Opinions of Friday, 25 February 2011

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred

Ghana First

We Ghanaians no matter what we are made up of or what political party we are affiliated to, we must always make sure that the country is also at our heart. During our statements and our actions we must make sure that we say a word that will bring peace, tranquility, and unity for development. Ghana is a country that is now considered a giant in Africa in terms economic, political and social development. The country is important in so many things that we do as citizens of this country, there are so many things that we can do to help the country, some of these things are among:

The functions and actions of the mass media towards the development of the country. The media must not make big issues out of peanuts issues that develop out of the doings of public officials, these issues that are sometimes developed widely by the mass media sometimes turn to put fear into the ordinary Ghanaian, these issues sometimes does not only cause fear into the ordinary Ghanaian but sometimes it shakes the country up with fear and panic. The mass media as they know their work, they must educate the public and also put the public on the current ground of what is happening in the world. Each and every media must know that they are working for the good of the country unless they want to tell Ghanaians that they are working for themselves or the will of a political or social party within or out of the country.

Also service rendering to the state must not be in a reluctant manner but in an enthusiastic manner. The civil servants and the public servants including the police and the security personnel and other municipality and district officials must adore the country, for it is through them (the official of the state) that this country will be a desired country in the world. The civil servants should never get discouraged or weary in rendering their services that will lead to development of the country; they must always have the name of the country in their heart. Rendering services to this peaceful country is like creating an ocean of wealth for our generation and other generations that will follow us. The security personnel must be just and very dedicated. They must always insist on the right thing to be done and never should they allow the name of the security service of this country to be rubbed in the mud on the grounds of bribery and corruption on their part. Students especially university graduates must live to service the country as well as their lecturers in patriotism.

The agricultural sector is a booming sector in the country and so there is the need for every Ghanaian who is in this sector to help in the promoting of the sector. Farmers must work hard for the country’s development and those who are involved in the growing of cash crops should help stop the smuggling of cash crops especially cocoa out of the country since this is not helping the country in terms of development. Scientific research institutions that are also involved in agriculture should also develop more and improved ways of farming in order to enhance productivity.

Each and every Ghanaian must learn to protect the state against the internal and external aggression. It is through this that the sovereignty of the state will also be protected. Though many will think this is the responsibility of the government, we also need to involve our selves in this the more the most efficient. Internally we should prevent anything that will bring conflict and externally we need to learn how to relate with others from other countries.

Politicians must work majorly for this country and not for their various political parties as some politicians are doing now. Politicians must avoid the use of violent statements and other actions that will put fear into some Ghanaians. The use of violent words by some politicians in this country is not any new thing to Ghanaians but the issue is when will the “big men” of the society stop this? For the tongue is a powerful tool to destruction.


Lamptey Alfred