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Opinions of Saturday, 4 June 2011

Columnist: Isaka, David

Ghana Embassy (Denmark) Ayekoo!

I have had the opportunity to read about the activities of some of Ghana’s missions abroad especially in the media and these have mostly not been pleasant. This is the reason why I think this particular Ghana mission abroad deserves commendation.
In the past few years I have noticed a great and conscious effort on the part of mission staff to do a good job and be of utmost help to Ghanaians in these parts of the world. We are receiving timely responses to queries, visa applications etc. Perhaps the most commendable thing about this Ghana mission is that they still strive to help out even if one is caught up in a situation outside of its jurisdiction provided that one is a resident of the mission’s country of jurisdiction.

I have in the past few years heard of people receiving much needed help from the Ghana Embassy in Denmark while caught up in difficult situations in countries like Spain and Italy.

The mission is now incorporating investment forums into its line of activities as a way to direct foreign investment into Ghana. As end users of the services of the mission, we cannot only criticize the mission on their failures alone. My aim for writing this therefore is to show the Ghana mission in Denmark and its staff that we recognize their efforts and appreciate it. ‘One good turn’ they say ‘deserves another’

We encourage the mission to continue with its good works and not be discouraged by its occasional failures. From what I hear most Ghanaians in Norway, Finland and Denmark appreciate their work.

Ghanaian Resident in Norway