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Opinions of Monday, 21 January 2013

Columnist: Aduasare, Bright

Unfinished Agenda

Prior to the election, peace council led by Otumfo Osei Tutu emerged at the center stage of Ghana politics for the sake of peace before and after election 2012, hence asked all the presidential candidates to sign a peace accord. After the election there have been allegations of electoral malpractices which had gone to the advantage of NDC the ruling party and to the disadvantage of NPP and other opposition parties . Having committed to the previous peace accord signed by Nana Akoffo Addo on behalf of NPP deemed it pertinent, resorted to the law court to seek TRUE declaration of the 2012 electoral results. We should have congratulated Nana Addo for his statesmanship and patriotism but rather his opponent NDC have demonized him and his party which is unfortunate and inconsiderate. Relatively, in order not to brand the activities of the PEACE COUNCIL as bias and unfinished agenda, I am pleading with the Peace council to convene another meeting which will involved the two top parties by committing them to sign another peace accord which will bind them of the outcome or the verdict of the Supreme Court without resorting to violence and war but rather will accept it in good faith. If the PEACE COUNCIL refuses to adhere to the above advice and in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's ruling something unwanted, unbearable, unfortunate happens to this beloved nation Ghana; both posterity and next generation will not forgive PEACE COUNCIL.

Bright Aduasare USA