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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Columnist: Daily Post

Ghana Can Be The Next Singapore If...

The high sense of responsibility that many Ghanaians exhibited last Saturday in coming out to take part in the cleaning up of their environment to observe the maiden edition of the National Sanitation Day is really remarkable. Indeed, it shows the importance they attach to a clean environment. If this is true, then how come that we found ourselves as a nation being ranked among top ten countries with very poor sanitation records by a United Nations report a few months ago? The problem, as we see it, is our attitude towards the environment and the observation of personal hygiene. While the authorities have over the years failed to properly control filth in our cities, towns and communities, the truth of the matter is that Ghanaians generate too much filth. From the nauseating act of spitting about through defecating on our beaches, parks and drains to urinating anywhere as well as throwing rubbish carelessly about, we have failed to keep our environment clean. Is it any wonder that cholera has become our neighbor? It is time every Ghanaian begins to behave responsibly towards keeping the environment clean. Our chiefs, no doubt, have a role to play. They must with urgency launch a crusade against such laughable beliefs as the claim by some citizens of Anomabo that their twin gods, Ekitsaba and Obosantsi demand they defecate on their beaches. How a people can hold on to this belief in this century of high technological advancement beats our imagination! Ghanaians need to strive to make their country the next Singapore. Singapore holds the enviable record of being the neatest country in the world. Even the chewing of gum is forbidden. Smoking of cigarette can be done only at certain designated areas. Indeed, anyone who has been to Singapore will marvel at the neatness of the country. All that it takes to ensure Ghana reaches this enviable height is for us all to ensure we observe personal hygiene every day, keep our environment clean, stop spitting about, avoid attending nature's call anywhere and stop littering the environment while the city authorities live up to their duties. It is as easy as that!