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Opinions of Friday, 27 April 2018

Columnist: Ania listowell

Ghana Beyond aid - what leaders need to do

Ghana like many African countries have been fed by the Europeans for two long. It's shameful that over 61 years, Ghana is still suckling from the European breast.This shows the level of incompetence of the leaders we have in the country.

Ghana is not poor, we are rather unfortunate to have leaders who have proritised themselves ahead of the people they have sworn to serve.
However, I had a crack of hope when I heard the President, H.E. Nana Addo talk about Ghana beyond aid. After his pronouncement, I have heard countless convincing reasons why it cannot be achieved.

Ghana beyond aid is possible, if Ghanaians will trust the politicians. "Politicians are liars, they are corrupt, they only think about themselves, they are stealing our money," these are the thoughts of many Ghanaians about politicians. In fact, there are cases where, politicians have missused the public purse either, by personal gains or by "mistake "

If the politicians will change their selfish attitude and perform their duties as expected of them, Ghanaians would even financially, contribute to Ghana beyond aid. For instance, if every Ghanaian is to contribute one Ghana cedi a month, for road construction and they believe the money would be used for the intended purpose and would not land in someone's pocket, they would freely give and within four years, we would have had a lot of proper roads in the country.

Ghana beyond aid is possible, if the president and other public workers would wear African print to work from Monday to Wednesday. And other official duties even outside the country. This would create more jobs in the country and it would inspire innovation from many Ghanaians.

As a result, many Ghanaians would have the pride to be adorn in their native clothes. This would generate revenue for the country hence, boosting the economy. But if we continue to only talk about it, which politicians are good at, Ghana beyond aid will be possible after death. After all, there is no aid after death.

Over the years, we have heard politicians say, importation is liking the economy but I am yet to see an action taken by the politicians to stop this canker. The importation of rice into the country is worrying.

Meanwhile, the three Northern regions produce 'brown rice' why not the government supporting the farmers to produce more to feed at least, the senior high schools in the country. Imagine the money Ghana would make from the 475 Senior high schools in the country, if they use our local rice instead of imported rice.

Ghana beyond aid is possible, if the president and ministers would use kantanka cars instead of the foreign cars they buy. Kantanka cars are sitting in the garage while they buy expensive cars outside the country. We can achieve Ghana beyond aid, if we believe in our own, use and promote our locally made products.The big grammar is enough, it's time to let the actions speak.

Thomas Sankara, the Burkinabae president refused to use air conditioner in his office because he said, only a handful of people in Burkina Faso could afford it. He decided to suffer just like many Burkinabaes were. If we have selfless leaders like him in this country, Ghana would not need ten years to develop. Unfortunately, our country is populated with greedy, selfish political fools, who call themselves leaders.

The politicians, who are supposed to make life less hectic to the poor are rather worsening the plight of many Ghanaians, who suffer to make a living in the country. Many Ghanaians sleep in the open at night at Circle and that is not worry to them. They have no concern for the poor people who gave them the power.

Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST) came out with an indelible ink to be used for the elections. Though, the KNUST had a better ink than the Indians, the Electoral commission (EC) decided to import from India. Perhaps to make some coins as profit. Which serious nation with proper planning would do such unthinkable thing. It's no surprise that many leaders are sleepwalking in the country. If these greedy leaders and politicians are not named, shamed and jailed, Ghana would continue to beg for food even when she is sitting on gold.

Go to many Ghanaians homes or offices, how many of them have Ghanaian art work hung on their walls. Isn't Ghana murdering the talent of people. How many of them have their furniture made in Ghana. What is the need of technical education, if we are not using their products. Wisdom is simple but it's not everyone that knows this.

Ghana beyond aid is possible, if we believe in our own, use and promote what we make locally But if we continue to import, then we should only daydream about Ghana beyond aid. But the reality is that, Ghana could continue to beg for alms despite her numerous possessions.

It's time politicians serve this country with pure heart and true commitment to the people of Ghana. No more taken Ghanaians as fools who forget their plights when their bellies are full.

Ghanaians are wise and we demand better lives, accountability and transparency. We deserve the best.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.