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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Columnist: Brazi, Calus Von

Ghana And Its 2012 Election Shenanigans

Calus Von Brazi

So we are in the sixth month of the year of our Lord 2012, where the people of Ghana are by constitutional arrangement mandated to elect a President for the Republic in December. It is clear even at this stage, that the elections of December would be intensely fought by the political parties and the relatively few independent candidates who have either broken away from their mainstream parties for a myriad of reasons or simply determined that being an independent candidate is in itself a good bargaining chip for immediate financial aggrandizement and possible future political appointment. For such independent candidates, justification for their ‘untoward’ actions against their mother parties stretch from feelings of being wrongfully and unfairly treated to a quest at exacting their pound of flesh through gentlemen’s agreements made with sitting Members of Parliament who have by design, reneged on their promises to give these new independents a shot at Parliamentary representation.

Of course there are the ethnocentric attempts that make my former party constituency secretary of Ablekuma, now turned Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Adekunle Coker look like lukewarm wax removal attempts from the ears with imitation Chinese-made cotton buds. My nearest example of that is the attempt by NDC First Vice Chairman of Ledzokuku Constituency, Peter Ayiku to stake his claim against my Achimota School junior, Benita Sena Okity-Duah, (nee Golomeke) citing among others, the ‘abominable’ thought of a non-Teshie person, in effect a non-Ga from representing the people of Ledzokuku in Parliament. I would not bore readers with the repercussions of that kind of campaign, same way that I recognize what the “Red Devil” Mr Tony Afenyo is doing to make Alfred Agbesi (not the one who has dishonestly appropriated property, nay money, belonging to the people of Ghana with the intention of permanently denying them use and ownership of same acting in concert and close collaboration with the dare-devil kamikaze maneuvering of the first female Attorney-General of Republic du Ghana and other political booty kleptomaniacs) have recurring bouts of diarrhea every weekend when he tries outreach programs in the dicey township of Ashaiman. Perhaps, Ade Coker opened his boastful mouth a minute too early, especially as he is a persona non-grata at the power house of Ridge. Times change, don’t they? To think that Ade Coker can only reach Ridge through a letter when like Nunoo-Mensah and the NPP’s last two remaining sources within the inner sanctum of President Mills’ Cabinet he enjoyed unrestricted and unlimited access tells us one thing: not only does time change; the politics of political gymnastics can contort contortionists contortionally!

One of the few people I admire with an admiration is the balding old man known to all as Dr. Asebu Amenfi. You see, Asebu Amenfi’s history is legendary to all those who care to know and yet in contemporary times, Asebu Amenfi has practicalized something I learnt from Kofi Bentum Quantson, another serious mind I admire and respect with an exalted respect: the art of being ubiquitous without attempting being omnipresent as God is. That is a priceless trait and skill that I think the incoming National Security Coordinator under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should present to his C-in-C as one of the key programs on his scale of security training preferences. You see with that kind of skill, those within whose remit it falls to ensure that the rest of us sleep soundly enough to look to the promise of a new day would themselves find their work easier so that losing sleep for others to enjoy theirs would become an enjoyable pastime. Dr. Asebu Amenfi from what I have found out, has morphed into a well-honed duck-billed platypus, being present in the places where it matters most. Had he not been a child of God, I would have inferred that he has visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in “Naija” or its subsidiary adjacent Anumle, Christian Village and J.B’s Plaza on the way to the prestigious institution called GIMPA.

Talking about SCOAN, I have never hidden my position on that entity. I have stated elsewhere, that it is indeed the sputum gurgled out from the pits of hell, the kind that makes the Lord God Almighty want just one person to stand in the gap to give him the spirito-legal basis to work wonders among the so-called gods. Unfortunately, whether by accident or design, it seems we are waiting for God to work his miracles, signs and wonders without the arduous requirement of sending cloud-bursting prayer up. We have become a lazy praying lot, steeped in the throes of fast-track expectations and their concomitant fast-track results. Yet, we also know that the God who demands of us such prayers and supplication to his throne room of Grace and in front of his Mercy Seat is the same God yesterday, today and forever. Perhaps, because knowledge has increased as he has himself said will happen in the last days, we are unconsciously fast-tracking God while conveniently forgetting that we as humans have still not discovered the full power of his resurrection, otherwise, well, I am sure the Greeks would have declared a National Day of Repentance and followed it up with a National Day of Prayer for Europe with their nation standing in the gap for their cousins, minions and former slaves scattered across the continent of Europe, excluding of course the Turks who they disdain with a disdainful contempt.
My reason for this detour into SCOAN in the light of the upcoming election is simple. Fact is, Action Chapel International in collaboration with other charismatic affiliates organized a National All Believers All Night with the theme “Praying to God to Avert Impending Dangers” on March 30, 2012. There, the Archbishop Nicolas Duncan-Williams led us to raise serious prayer and supplication to the Lord God Most High. The Archbishop is somebody I really respect and admire, largely through something Samuel Atta-Mensah once shared with me but more importantly, my discovery that he is indeed the direct successor to the Archbishop Benson Idahosa in terms of spiritual authority within the sub-region. As to how he has exercised that mandate, similar to what was bestowed upon Elisha by Elijah is another matter but suffice it to say, I take him very very seriously. Archbishop Duncan-Williams is the friend of all Presidents of Ghana since the return to constitutional rule in 1992 of course with some closer than others. It is no secret, that the President of Ghana, John Mills is his very good friend. Not that he goes to pray with him in the castle gardens but for sure, he is his good friend. Yet, I would give anything to understand, why knowing what he knows he has kept mum about the influence of the SCOAN on our President and its spiritual ramifications for Ghana. The Archbishop has taught us “do not dishonor your leaders even if you disagree with them…you can disagree with them openly and publicly but do not dishonor them”. I have played that recording over and over again till I can virtually recite it all even when I see Temitope Balogun Joshua’s hordes of green-horned pit vipers coming after me in the still of the night and I have come to accept that there is great curse in dishonoring our leaders.
Nonetheless, I find it very worrying, when in invoking Quantson and Asebu Amenfi, I find that two deputy ministers, a certain Sylvanus who claims to be the confidante of the President, a certain George, a Chief of Staff at the Presidency and - surprise surprise, the only known “Jihadist” in Ghana fetch sand from the territorial space called Ghana and present same to the sub-region’s anti-christ known simply as T.B. Joshua over the past week. You see on 7th May, 2012, the Government of Cameroon banned anybody from that country from going to the SCOAN for reasons I won’t discuss herein. For a government to take such a serious decision that flies in the face of freedom of movement and association must signal how dangerously serious that scourge of demonic aggression has started threatening the very stability of that state. For the love of political power, this “Ghanaian delegation” sent sand from particular locations in Ghana, a flag of the New Patriotic Party and a picture of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to T.B. Joshua. Why would Government of Ghana appointees send the picture of the leading opposition candidate to their marabout in Nigeria? So that what? Disfavor would come upon him? That he will die before the elections? That when President Mills finally announces publicly that he will not contest the 2012 elections, his running mate would have a smooth ride to the high office?
Archbishop, this one is beyond me, for I remember the prophet Nathan and the wisdom with which he confronted David over his lustful escapade with Batsheba! The Lord would have you mount a reversal of this appropriation and imprisonment of our destinies under the bondage and dominion of Temitope Balogun Joshua, himself the ambassador plenipotentiary for the Grand United Order of Nephilims on the continent of Africa. The Book of Proverbs tells us that an open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed; nobody is in a better position than you, Archbishop to invoke and exercise divine authority such as has been conferred upon you by the Lord God Most High. I am refusing to take solace in word within the Charismatic Community and on the street, that your inability to exercise this mandate has a lot to do with the behavior of your Range Rover flaunting son who has mastered the tenets of operating a miniature harem within the plush places of Accra and thus placed you in a morally questionable position to go pointing accusing fingers of reprimand against those for whom that is needed. You certainly are not in the category of Eli on that score, for Eli’s sons stole from God and invited divine opprobrium resulting in a transfer of the Levitical order to those who honour God. Your son however, is not known to be stealing offerings and sacrifices made to God; indeed he is a fully grown adult who is accountable for his actions and yet, I am absolutely sure that you know Joshua and have incredible divine insight into his number. If nobody sees that Joshua is gradually encircling the countries of the region with his venomous anti-christ poison, well we have been duly warned. As for Nana Akufo-Addo, I can say with all confidence: no weapon fashioned against him shall prosper. Indeed he shall live to declare the works of the Lord in this land of the living, whether the minions from Gehenna or the rulers of the dark like it or not. He shall declare a summons on all those who have meant evil to be his lot, for God has thoughts of good for him and not of evil. He shall live and do exactly what the Lord God Almighty created him to do even before the dawn of creation. For those who boarded that flight to SCOAN to tie our destinies to the demonic pacts they have entered into, I say repent. Go on your knees and repent before you start seeing very strange incurable diseases and untreatable levels of dementia within your immediate families. Your hatred, machinations and demonic schemes shall not stand.
This country Ghana belongs to God and just so those with spiritual eyes may know: this year is the year 2012, exactly 100 years since Nana Ofori-Atta mounted the throne in Akyem Abuakwa and institutionalized the trueness of Jehovah Nissi within his domain. The hundred years for the ‘walk in the wilderness’ are finally over! May the Lord God Almighty continue to give Prophet Amoako eternal rest wherever he is keeping him for we are seeing all that he said before his passing come to pass, sic “three Johns in rapid succession, the third one for one term only and after that, God will decide”. Let those who have eyes and ears read and listen and may I end with a warning: let anybody who reads this piece keep his opinion to him/herself and talk to God only for I will not comment about it publicly or in correspondence ever again. I have done my duty of delivering the exact message I was asked to deliver through this medium. May the Lord’s name be praised now and for evermore!