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Opinions of Friday, 7 October 2016

Columnist: Charles Yeboah

Ghana/Africa; the politburo

By Charles Yeboah

In an era when physical structures were giving way to soft ones, when one could set up an office on a gadget, when there was no need to erect skyscrapers for the purposes of exchequer or bourse or as they call it; banking , a Lord formed a strong team of courtiers or officials on a platform they called social media.

The Lord had been he whom fables and what they called religious books had foretold his coming with the purpose of bringing to meaning "thy Kingdom come on earth as it's in heaven".

It was about him the prophesy went that; "a new king would be crowned in Africa, and the whole world would behold him and say let's go and learn his ways" .And the dream, where "the four children would not be judged by the colour of the skin but the contentof the character " is his crown.

It's about him General Barack of the Eagle Nation said; "what will shape the 21st century is not what happened in Moscow between two world powers, or what took place in Rome between the world's richest, but what will happen here in Accra, because history is on the move "

The Lord, prior to announcing his Kingdom, heralding his lordship, he'd scribed many papers or as they called it articles, wrapping or encrypting his role in the writings as the main character with the aim of figuring out the righteous he can work with, they who can comprehend and unravel mysteries.

And on the very day the Republic lost its glory, he announced the kingdom with the first entrants being the righteous who saw the need to abreast themselves with life -giving words, contrary to what trends on the same platforms.

Out of the chosen - two and thirty they were; symbolising his longevity and earthly sojourn life, leading to his crowning at thirty -three, the Lord further pruned the numbers zeroing in on the politburo, the twelve.

Not the many that he looks for, as not quantity but quality is needed of him, he resorted to various forms and methods in picking the peers, the twelve; for one is said to have learnt nothing should the dastard side of history repeats itself.

He'd looked out for the brave as himself, and to learn of they who made the mark, the Lord forced a bitter pill down their throats to let vomit of those in conflict with the law, or wouldn't look on the shoulders when the name is sounded from the darkness.

Cooperation he demanded most, and they that insubordination sounded servile in their diction he gave them their way but stayed put to the cooperating.

In waiting to name the politburo, under strict scrutiny, living on the desert without venison and companion, the Lord putted up all the offices on the modern gadget that carried his sermons within the borders of the former Republic and across seas, and the new platform that would measure the world in virtues and vices.

He'd also catalogued the panacea that would make the fallen Republic great again in a Kingdom, the heaven on earth, the dreamland, the promised land.

And as he narrated in a homely, revealing the evil deeds of they who had filed to enter into the contest that crowns puppets for the usurper, the Lord groomed the new entrants to the kingdom.

He spake about how deceptive it's to learn of that one must be elected into a public office before he can provide the needs of the suffering masses in employment and better life .

He drew their attention to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, who until the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, and the subsequent one year stint at the helm by one of their own in Muhammad Morsi, the Brotherhood had never tasted as to whether or not power is sucrose. But what is the state of affairs of their followers? They are the best doctors, best teachers, best writers, and whatever it's that could be termed; 'paragon' in the North African country.

Why can't same be practiced in the land that passes for Holy Land, with accolades as peaceful, hospitable, tolerant and blessed in natural resources?

Judging by that yardstick, and in comparison to many others of which the Brotherhood example is just a microcosm of it, the Lord entreated the new entrants to take the lips - service promises of those political players with a pinch of salt.

For as he continued, with the available resources in human, vegetation and minerals, the kingdom would model what governance is to the world.

Ending his sermon on a congratulatory note to the tutors who had toiled to raise even the simple to reason better in a difficult environment, but without any tangible reward as their day is marked, the Lord called on them to fill the sponge with water, gird their loins, for his Kingdom's introduction of real education.

Teachers he said, would be accorded their due when practical education that would see learners live what they've been taught supplant the the status quo, the rote learning, the theory that trains unemployable graduates, safe those who fill offices that swells the bourse of the usurper.

And by this he meant teachers would instead of standing in front of the class, chalk in hand, teach from laid down formula, he or she would get to the field of the expertise with the pupils, and would be reimbursed according to the production. Meaning; the Agricultural tutor must bring the best out of the soil, the water, in sauna and in fauna.

The business tutor must come out with what markets and promotes sales.

The technical teacher must lead the erecting of skyscrapers and the stocking of furniture.

And same all fields would be demanded of their outputs.

For so doing, the building of the new kingdom would be a shared responsibility, and the feastings, the balls that would grace evenings, weekends and holidays would witness performances from the creative arts side, where tutors there had brought out the creme de la creme in poets, singers, dancers, dramatists and what one can name in addition.

None would be left out, soft approach is the goal, the ants knows their way to where there's sugar, the kingdom would provide whatever a pressing need of society would be.

The politburo, when formally instituted would make plain the words of the Lord, and ears would consume what would make them heave a sigh of relief, a reprieve.

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