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Opinions of Saturday, 1 November 2014

Columnist: Aziz, Fusana

Get women empowered; the I.T way

Computer literacy is gradually becoming a requirement for both men and women in their bid to gain employment in almost all white collar jobs across the globe, even though women are known to be I.T-phobia and do not like participating in I.T-related courses.

Mr. Seidu Habeeb, Chief Executive Officer of I.T Foundation Ghana, in an interview, stressed on the need to get more women enrolled in I.T even though there is the perception of I.T being associated with men.

He stated that, when women are given the chance to enrol in I.T they are able to attain higher heights in various profession including, the field of business, economics, health, politics etc. This he believes will render most of them empowered since at the end of the day. This will help them to be acquainted with I.T related skills and can set up their own corporate firms.

He reiterated that the fastest growing organizations across the world are to larger extent, related to computer skills and therefore knowledge in programs such as Microsoft Word, Power Point and Computer Programming gets them prepared for the job market and makes it easier for them to gain employment in some of these organizations. Also, in

Their private firms working becomes easier for the corporate woman who has to deal with office documents and emails as part of her daily routine. Accordingly, I.T Foundation Ghana is coming up with the African I.T Woman’s Day; an annual event which will be aimed at creating awareness on the importance of women expressing interest in Computing, I.T training sessions and workshops.

I.T foundation Ghana is a non-governmental organization which was established in May 2012 to help inculcate in pupils and students most especially in under-privileged communities, the need to embrace Information Technology as a way of life.

It has organized some workshops and also embarked on various projects, alongside some donations, since its establishment in schools such as Osinasi Presby Junior High School, Kulkpong in the upper west region and Tema community 11 complex.

I.T Foundation Ghana aims at becoming a leading producer of results-oriented individuals who will be up to the task, as long as I.T is mentioned; individuals who will work towards the positive development of Ghana and who will be willing to impact positively on others.

Story Written By: Fusana Aziz