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Opinions of Sunday, 16 August 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Gathering signatures to compel the EC to audit the “bloated” voters register

Dear Ghanaian Compatriots,

I am today inviting you to assist with finding a durable solution to the stagnation, if not the retrogression, of the socio-economic development of Ghana. According to my interactive investigations, many a discerning Ghanaian holds the view that until we have fair general elections devoid of the characteristic irregularities, malpractices and rigging, Ghana cannot in any appreciable way develop in the proper sense of the word.

Many honest Ghanaians have come to conclude that the voters register as it stands now, is not credible enough to guarantee the fair general elections that the country needs to elect her future leaders on merit. The register is perceived to be BLOATED. With a bloated register, the results of our elections cannot be genuine enough to produce genuinely elected parliamentarians or Presidents for the nation hence having square-peg lawmakers and president wobbling in round holes.

What is BLOATED by definition? To bloat is to make something larger or richer than necessary. To explain it further, it is either perceived or believed that the registered voters in some constituencies in Ghana are more than, or equal to, the total number of people living in those constituencies. However, those eligible to register as voters (anyone from 18 years and above and is of sound mind) should never be more than or equal in number to, the total number of people (males, females, adults and children inclusive) living in that constituency. In the event of the number of the registered voters exceeding, or being equal to, or almost the same as, the number of people living in that area, then an instance of bloating has occurred.

To remove this doubt from the minds of people, the Supreme Court in her declaration of verdict on Election 2012 petition, advised the Electoral Commission to implement some electoral reforms. Nonetheless, Dr Afari Gyan blatantly refused to reform the electoral processes, especially, the auditing of the suspiciously bloated voters register. The current Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Ms Charlotte Osei, is also not very keen to audit the bloated voters register.

All ye Ghanaians interested in the development of Ghana and her citizenry, should please help me raise the lack of interest in ensuring credible elections in Ghana by the Electoral Commission and their colluding partners, with recognized international bodies and reputable foreign leaders and governments. This quest for true elections with concomitant peace and prosperity to the majority of Ghanaians can be attained by the collection of signatures of Ghanaians, and then forwarding them to the intended organizations and leaders with a cover letter attached.

As long as Ghana relies on these foreign leaders and organizations for financial and other material assistance almost all of the time, they may be interested in Ghana having a credible election that will rid Ghana of corruption hence bringing prosperity to all.

Any Ghanaian supportive of my idea should please do as following:
1. Get some A4 plain sheets of paper. Staple them together with the first sheet having the following either handwritten, or typed boldly, on it. WE THE UNDERSIGNED GHANAIANS CALL FOR THE AUDITING OF THE CURRENT VOTERS REGISTER IN GHANA.
2. Indicate on the first sheet which town and country the signatures are being collected from e.g. Paris – France; London – UK; New York – USA; Takoradi – Ghana; Asiampa – Ghana; Toronto – Canada etc.
3. Leave the sheets at public centres mostly frequented by Ghanaians with someone placed in charge to encourage Ghanaians to sign them. Leave them in places like the Ghanaian shops and restaurants e.g. Obosei Traders at Dalston Market in London.
4. Interested persons must print (write their names boldly) and then sign against them with or without their contact details, especially phone number. Please don't write down your residential or work place address. Leave a
5. one inch margin at the left hand side of each sheet to enable me bind them into a booklet without cutting through, or losing part of, the names on the sheets.
6. Scan the collected signatures to me on by 15 September 2015. Time is not on our side so please hurry up.
7. I shall bind them into a booklet; make several copies to be dispatched to leaders and organizations with the Electoral Commission inclusive.

I believe this is a step in the right direction to influence the Electoral Commission to do the right thing. I wonder why some people always criticize all useful attempts to bring back sanity to the electoral processes in Ghana. What do they stand to lose when the election becomes fairer? What are they scared of when Ghana conducts clean elections?

Rockson Adofo