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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Columnist: Alert America

GIIF and Joseph Siaw Agyepong: A marriage of convenience?

Let me start by admitting that I respect and love Professor Ameyaw Akumfi very much for many reasons. He is an excellent person with very good records in governance and higher education.

It is an honour to have such a rare gem be part of the machinery that are producing stimuli packages which are indicating positively on the growth chart of Ghana under the Presidency of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

However, Snippets of information that are trickling in claim that Zoomlion is getting into the skin of Professor Ameyaw Akumfi, Board Chairman of The Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund. Jospeh Siaw Agyepong is at it once again, engaging in what he is allegedly best at; CORRUPTION!!! After a series of meetings between the duo, the GIIF seems to have adopted this supposed quack businessman. It seems to me that the zoomlion guy knows where the moneys of government are, and slithers to take what he can in all forms of suspicious ways.

The plan that was allegedly hatched would make of Joseph Siaw Agyepong a multi-billionaire out of the poor man’s pocket. Taking into consideration how he stands accused of plundering the nation’s coffers in connivance with politicians and high profile thieves, this information comes to me as no surprise at all.

After all, what wrong has this man not done under cover from mighty men? It would be foolish to assume that reveling in the title, “church Elder” would make him a saint; a rather camouflaged one, I suppose!

Jospong’s breeding grounds are now the GIIF, as I am made to understand. What is actually between the Professor and this alleged fraudster? Let me decipher the codes of their new bond. Well, the idea is to start a lot of businesses, using government funds that will ultimately dissipate into Jospong’s pockets.

I am not too sure what arrangement is between the two, but the alleged engagement of the Professor’s errand boy “Amos” as a ‘front man’ to some deals raises eyebrows in “Star Trek Vulcan style”. So given this scenario, Amos’s trip with Joseph Siaw Agyepong to China loses its myth. It becomes the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle in spite of the indication that Amos is not really a smart person as the information paints of him.

Jospong intends to go regional with his compost plants. Fantastic! I am all in support of that, but…! He should do it with his own money or seek investment elsewhere instead of corrupting the minds of otherwise honourable people to dip his hands into the coffers meant for government’s transformational agenda to better the lot of the Ghanaian.

Professor Ameyaw Akumfi must also tread cautiously because whatever revelation we get on the Jospong deals at GIIF will soon be put out for the whole world to know that the exemplary governance of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo is being undermined by an uncontrollable yearning of a fiscal kind! It beats me to know that honourable and decent people of an intricate lineage of respect and valour like Professor Ameyaw Akumfi would entertain such a person as Joseph Siaw Agyepong. And he continues to be shaded by two dubious characters in positions of authority who are willing to sell out on the Presidency for the millions that they are allegedly making indirectly from the poor man’s pockets. Wouldn’t this be the case if an alleged thief is corrupting people to leech on the blood of the nation? Yeah? I thought so!!! #GIIFBewareOfJospong