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Opinions of Friday, 1 January 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why this Mischief Towards Your Husband's Siblings, Oh Woman?

To what extent can selfishness, assuming it's inhered, move one to be overly voracious in their scramble for material wealth? True stories about how mischievously greedy some people are in their quest for personal wealth leave me gaping. Wealth to these people I love to call as miscreants is not only a source of power but also, a peak of happiness in their wretched souls. What a reality, though, an unfortunate situation one has to contend with.

One would though expect our mushrooming pastors of all dubious characters to preach against such acts of greediness being pursued in utter malevolence, but are they? They are rather consciously or unconsciously conspiring to, or are encouraging the propagation of such abhorrent selfish quest for wealth. Are they not the very ones that mostly pump falsehoods into the brains of cynosural miracle-seekers, who are but initially always unsuspecting congregants? How often than not have they intentionally pitted a brother against a brother to gain access to the more prosperous one? I hear they often tell them, your brother, sister or mother is a wizard or a witch, causing sibling rivalry. Once they get this falsehood inextricably implanted in the midget brain of this vacillating person that is the end of the joy in this person's family. From that moment forward, they have come to see the so-called man of God or the fetish priest as their saviour. These supposed saviours who have divergent views to that of Jesus Christ, anticipate enriching themselves by the false hopes, messages, and predictions so imparted to their recipients. This is very shameful anyway.

For what reasons can a woman rejoice over the failure of his husband's younger brother to clench an important job? Is it to ensure the younger brother is nip in the bud of his aspirations to better his life right from the word go? Since when did life become a race among siblings of same parents? Oh, how devilish and divisive some Ghanaian women are? "Walls have ears" and "the truth will always out" no matter how long it stays concealed. That little statement made in the secrets of the valley, "I am overjoyed at (name withheld) failure to secure that (post withheld) position" is now being trumpeted on top of the hills. The fact that one is not as straight forward as Rockson who does not hesitate to confront people head-on on their stupid pretences does not mean that whoever this statement was directed at is not aware of the ill-intentioned criticisms about him by the author.

What is more painful is to see the deep-seated animosity against you seep through to your children. Assuming your extremely wealthy senior brother is organizing a party, he invites friends of equal prominence with their kith and kin, but withholds invitation to his own siblings and their children, how will you feel? Worse still, your children hear of the party, phone up to inform your brother that they are on their way to attend. You know how children are. They can hardly read through the fine threads of your brother's thoughts about you poor man, your wife and children. Your brother's wife of all people answers the phone saying, "the party is being organized for specially invited persons, and you are not one of those. You have not been invited so never attempt to attend as I shall deny you entry if you dare do". Oh woman, you have inflicted a permanent psychological injury on these innocent children. What a permanent mental scar you have wreaked on them. May God forgive you your sins for you don't know what you are doing? Your husband's brothers can become as noble as those that you currently hold in high esteem provided you will permit. Oh, wicked woman of wicked mentality, run away from your evil, selfish pursuit of insatiable wealth. Mr. Husband, have you ever thought about how malevolent your wife is towards your brothers and sisters? Does it sit well with you seeing your very brothers and sisters of same parents wallowing in near-abject poverty while you alone radiate in grace and glory? Have you ever bothered to inquire from your brothers and sisters why they steer clear of your path? It is not how they want it but how you and your wife want them to be. It is shameful. It discredits you beyond reparation and costs you the respect of discerning compatriots like the writer of this message. The quicker you redress this unholy attitude, the better it will be for you both here on earth and in the life after. Have we forgotten tomorrow and the mysteries it can hold for us? Madam, the Wiseman is telling you to beware of the saying, "A quick buck goes just as quickly as it comes". You are always welcome to contact Rockson who is a fountain of useless information. Please don't misconstrue the phrase, he means to tell you he is more knowledgeable and holds more information than anyone else regardless how trivial the information may be.

Pastors, are you often the originators of such bitter acrimonious wrangling between relatives? What will you get involving yourselves in these shameless parasitic games of gaining human favour and wealth by your false messages secretly told to them? Any time you attend parties of any sort, be it wedding or whatever, ask the organizers where your siblings and their family are? Look straight in their eyes to detect any possible signs of deceptive lies about to be told.

Why do Ghanaian women often hate the mother, father, brothers and sisters of their husband? Why do Ghanaian mothers often hate the wives of their sons? Please help me with answers as it is doing my head in.

Rockson Adofo