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Opinions of Saturday, 12 March 2011

Columnist: Assou-Dodji, Harold K.

The Angel At The Four Gates Of Ghana (Continued)

Disappointment, Fury and Rage:

Every day Father, I wake up thinking of that dirty, dusty and bumpy road I must thread before reaching the roadside and joining tro-tro to work. That road which has been like that before and since Nkrumah got my Fathers out of colonial dictatorship. I reach work every day tired in traffic. Every day, when I see this and all other access roads in major cities in this country, especially in the Accra metropolis, where many Ministers of State and MPs live, I always wished I were a billionaire to help the state construct these roads and reduce the potential health hazards it causes the residents. You are the only witness to my thoughts and heart desires, gracious Father; may I never again see the light of day, if I am lying.

I don’t want to spend hours in traffic before reaching work…neither will my yet-to-be born children and grandchildren wish to live in an environment as unhealthy as many of your children are in now. I desire to have constant access to good clean water as all Ghanaians would, to a clean and fresh environment not rendered foul and impure by any act of commission or omission on the part of service providers, or by the greed or selfishness of anybody else. Punish them all, Divine Provider, all who intentionally destroy your creation, render the environment inhospitable, and make life extremely difficult to millions others.
I see children of school-going age who roam the streets daily in search of food and money to feed themselves and even their parents. How can this be, Father! That a defenceless and week child should toil to feed her parents? No my Lord, this is against your order of creation! I am deeply aggrieved and you know how much my heart panthers for justice against such irresponsible parents! I hear every day in the media of young boys and girls indulging in all kinds of immoralities. Please forgive them for they know not what they have done! And do not punish them for the sins of their fathers. But reprieve their parents and censor those who ill-advise them. Please kill the desire of such irresponsible men and women for each other and let the worms and the termites begin to work on their breast and testicles even before they fall to six feet under! Punish the men especially and blot out from your face wife-beaters and those who show the strength of their arms against their wives or against any other woman in their households.
Make them barren forever those who kill their babies in their wombs before they are born or after birth, or through bodily harm and other dangerous exposures, for no one except you O God, are the Lord and Author of Life. May they never enjoy motherhood again. May women who plot the downfall of their husbands find perpetual sorrows and misery in the rest of their lives.
Remember the blood that was shed on Golgotha by your Son Jesus the Christ and cast an eye of love, mercy and reward toward all doctors, nurses and paramedics who spend hours and sleepless nights to heal the sick and watch over the convalescent. Please reveal your strength to these professionals and guide their minds and hearts toward your love, for they hear, see and sense a lot from the groaning, agonizing and dying patient. May their individual experiences and dedication to save lives bring them closer to you and please give them the experience of an exhilarating joy and professional idyll. But destroy those who are agents of the Accuser, prowling over the souls of dying patients, ready to balance them to Satan.

You have blessed us with yet another mineral resource we call petroleum. The other resources haven’t transformed much of our fathers’ lives to the extent that ours will be or should have been transformed. God of Justice, by the cry and tears of our Independence fathers, let the sea which throws to us this resourceful mineral through your special grace, swallow all those expatriates and indigenes who will conspire to steal the oil, or short-change the beautiful people of Ghana. May their ambitions and greed perpetually cause sleep to fly from their eyes and may their anxieties to crush them to death. Let the constant sufferings of the people and the plight of the land, be a curse upon them, their children and their children’s children. Let the mammals of the oceans be their burial ground. Amen!

Brother Jesus, I know you are still alive and you have not, for the blink of an eye, shut your ears to the false prophets and charlatans we have out there; who incessantly and indignantly destroy our so-much needed peace of mind when we must rest from a hard day’s work; who destroy families young and old through satanic prayers, unchristly requests, impossible promises and inordinate desires; and who prey on the innocence, ignorance, emotions and infant faith of their congregations. Some connive with forces of darkness, with greedy bastard (2nd meaning, Collins COBUILD Dictionnary) politicians to plan and destroy the stability, peace and unity of this great nation of yours. Some of these SELF-called pastors, and bishops and prophets deny your people the keys to your kingdom when they know they themselves are not going to enter. They feed fat on the meagre contributions of their poor, unfortunate and jobless congregants, and on the donations of their corrupt and self-aggrandized members. They spent sleepless nights to pray and prophesise against the peace and stability of your nation, they even pray to you against the prosperity of Ghana so that we as a nation may not be enriched with more resources, their utterances tend to cause more divisions among Ghanaians than the utterances of politicians. Punish them all O Lord. Turn their sermons into mad talk and let their congregation desert them, for you are full of splendour and your glory is incomparable! Tie their multiples tongues to the roof of their mouth, for when they speak, they do not speak in your name, but in their own name, and in the satisfaction of their fat protruded bellies. Turn their brains into worms and snakes! But O Lord, God of the Cosmos, show mercy unto those who repent and turn their hearts and minds to you. We are mortals.

Send straight to hell all African leaders who build their powerbase and rulership by the blood of their citizens, by the looting of their resources and by buying millions of dollars assets abroad to the detriment and the crushing and dehumanising suffering of their people. Let the next rainfalls wash the ground from under their feet and crash their skull open at their fall. You do know those leaders I am talking about here. Cause their heart to be eaten by worms and their bodies torn to pieces just like you did to Antiochus (2Mac. 5: 1-27; 9: 1-29) when he conspired with local traitors (today’s economic saboteurs, tax evaders and all kinds of financial criminals) to invade Israel and loot their widows and orphans’ savings. Treat all civil servants who behave in like manner and forgive the repentant heart.

For bringing me to the close of another day, I thank you O God and Father of Jesus Christ. You have kept me safe from all mortal dangers and temptations since I was born and I can’t even praise you enough. It is not because I am just or right before you. No, far from that! Those who have left this world in the last 24 hours neither did so by their own will or because they were sinful. You are the only judge, may your compassion and saving justice keep us all mindful of our actions and inactions here below. Accompany those who are spending their last hours on earth into your kingdom. Let them feel your presence and the touch of your hands in their last moments. Forgive them any violations of your laws and grant them eternal peace in your sight. I pray for another chance to see the sun rise tomorrow so I can serve you better still through the exhibition of the talent you gave me, so I can care for those you have and will put in my charge and honour my obligations to your creation.
To be continued.